IdenTrust joins with Device Authority to provide secure lifecycle management to IoT environments

IdenTrust, (part of HID Global), provider of digital certificates, and Device Authority, vendor of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced Monday an alliance with a vision to provide trusted identity lifecycle management for enterprises on their digital transformation journey.

Combining Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform capabilities with IdenTrust’s trusted digital certificate solutions provides customers with a complete IoT security solution that automates compliance, minimizes costly manual intervention and manages risks in a diverse industrial regulatory marketplace.

IdenTrust’s comprehensive identity-based digital certificate solutions deliver assured individual and device identity for financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies and enterprises around the world. With over 5 million certificates in active production, IdenTrust supports over 18 billion validations per year and provides digital Certification Authority.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler automation engine provides secure IoT device registration and provisioning through an innovative policy-driven credential delivery and management system that ensures certificates can be easily rotated, renewed and managed without human intervention. The platform is designed for swift integration and interoperability in support of today’s rapidly expanding IoT application market.

Device certificates have traditionally been used to secure routers, firewalls, servers, and other devices capable of securely handling private keys and implementing PKI technologies. However, in the new IoT world, device certificates can be used to secure a wide range of networked assets, such as ATM machines, medical devices, surveillance cameras, industrial machines, refrigerators, vehicles and much more.

“The relationship between IdenTrust and Device Authority links our trusted certificate authority with a seamless and scalable means to efficiently manage the lifecycle of issued digital certificates in the rapidly expanding IoT device market,” said Brad Jarvis, vice president and managing director of Identity & Access Management Solutions (IAMS) with HID Global. “The combination simplifies the process of enhancing device security and its administration for our customers.”

“We’re delighted to be working with the IdenTrust team to provide device and data trust for their customers embarking on their IoT journey. With a mixed environment of devices emerging in healthcare, industrial, and government sectors, the combined value delivered from both companies has a strong positioning for physical, enterprise and IoT IAM customer solutions,” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority.

HID Global announced earlier this year that its IdenTrust Enterprise Solution has been certified compliant with SAFE-BioPharma Association’s digital identity and signature standards, paving the way for the association’s global member companies to deploy the solution. SAFE-BioPharma Association was created by the biopharmaceutical industry and its regulators, and the standards developed are now used to provide global high-assurance identity trust for cyber-transactions throughout the pharmaceutical and healthcare community.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can use HID IdenTrust digital certificates to provide digital credentials that improve the user experience, enhance patient safety and allow for secure access to websites, networks, systems or applications with strong, two-factor authentication, which is critical for regulatory compliance and countering cyberattacks. The digital certificates also support advanced security use cases, including data encryption and digital signing capabilities.

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