IBM, Fybr IoT align to make smart cities more intelligent

In a joint effort to improve the quality of life in urban areas, IoT and Smart City platform provider Fybr has teamed with IBM’s Watson Internet of Things group.

This new partnership will bring sensor data from Fybr’s Smart City Platform to IBM’s Bluemix Cloud to take advantage of Watson’s advanced analytics capabilities to add continuous learning and contextual data to Fybr’s sensor data.

IBM describes Watson IoT as “a cognitive computing system that learns from experience.” With Fybr’s gateways and edge devices sending data on things like traffic, air quality and lighting to the IBM Bluemix Cloud, Watson can combine the information sent from Fybr Smart City implementations with other data such as news, weather, or historical events.

By optimizing public safety, traffic, energy data and more, local leaders can make intelligent and informed decisions more rapidly, enhancing livability and sustainability within a community.

The Fybr Platform is an integrated and proven hardware, software, and network stack that reliably, securely and efficiently delivers data from the physical world in addition to being bi-directional—allowing business and community leaders to push instructions back out to devices in the physical world. Combining real-time sensing data with machine-learning algorithms, the Fybr Platform delivers actionable insights that help cities fix issues proactively—saving money and improving services.

Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, Fybr has deployments across the U.S.—as well as Canada and Asia. With Fybr’s IoT solution managing nearly 3 billion sensor events, Fybr provides a simple and turnkey solution to enable any Internet of Things ambition for cities, farms and businesses.

“We have integrated the Fybr Engine with the IBM Watson Analytics Platform running on the IBM Bluemix Cloud,” said Mrinal Wadhwa, Chief Technology Officer of Fybr. “By combining data from Fybr devices with data in other systems that a customer may have on the Bluemix Cloud and then using Watson’s advanced analytical and machine learning capabilities, we can bring significant benefits to a city by delivering more contextual, actionable and meaningful insights.”

“In the course of helping build smart cities over the last decade, we continually hear a need for better tools to tackle the problems of safety, efficiency, and public responsiveness. Fybr builds intelligent systems that leverage technology to make communities more efficient—all while reducing costs,” said Rik Goodwin, PhD., Chief Operating Officer of Fybr. “Working with IBM and Watson, we can help local leaders leverage the benefits of emerging technologies in a manner that is cost-effective and reliable.”

Bob Glatz, CEO of Fybr added, “If cities can have systems and policies that adapt to the data produced by billions of interconnected sensors and devices, they can positively impact the quality of life within their community. The insights that IBM’s Watson would bring to the Fybr Smart City Platform will be a tremendous asset for local, state, and federal agencies.”

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