HPE joins the IoT Community to capture, analyze and act upon connected IoT data seamlessly from edge to cloud

The IoT Community (Internet of Things Community) announced on Monday that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has joined the IoT Community ecosystem of elite IoT thought leaders. HPE will work collaboratively with the community to address a variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical and operational issues that accompany the IoT, IIoT, and intelligent edge ecosystems.

Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of IoT and Edge, at HPE joins the IoT Community board of advisory, and is named the Chairman of the IoT Community’s newly formed Converged Edge Center of Excellence (CECoE), which aims to address the rapidly growing needs of the emerging technology frontier – underpinned by the IoT – the edge. 

The Converged Edge CoE will focus on the 3 C’s of an IoT solutions architecture – Connect, Compute, Control, and their convergence in processes, data, and physical integration. The full framework of the CECoE will be announced next month at the IoT Slam X event.

The IoT Community consists of a global CxO community of senior business leaders and IoT practitioners consisting of over 23,500 members. The function is to focus on adoption and application of IoT in commercial environments, overcoming the variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical and operational issues. 

In his keynote next month, Dr. Tom will review his pioneering “7 Principles of the IoT”, and how he used them to incept Hewlett Packard‘s first corporate IoT strategy, secure investment capital, and launch over a dozen SW and HW products expressly designed for the IoT and intelligent edge – creating a new product category. He will discuss real world customer deployments, use cases, and business cases, closing with his vision for the IoT future. 

During this keynote, Dr. Tom, will also unveil the framework of the Converged Edge Center of Excellence, present the CECoE board members and best practice processes to be shared, as part of this elite IoT Community new product offering.

“Intelligent Edge and IoT solutions play key roles in advancing the way people live and work. Our new Converged Edge CoE affords the IoT Community a focus on the convergence and interaction between IT compute and storage systems, and Operational Technologies (OT) such as control systems, data acquisition, and industrial protocols, said Dr. Tom Bradicich, Vice President, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of IoT and Edge Labs, HPE. “I’m enthused to join the prestigious colleagues on the Advisory Board, who’ve demonstrated great purpose and a history of achievements in driving an IoT industry community. HPE will bring to bear our first-mover experiences with IoT and edge technology, customer deployments, and partner engagements, all for the benefit of the IoT Community.”

“We are delighted to welcome HPE to our IoT Community. HPE is on the cutting edge of innovation across IoT, IIoT, Edge, Cloud, and will be instrumental in community discussions. We look forward to their insights and expertise,” said David Hill, executive director of the IoT Community.

“We are thrilled to welcome HPE to our IoT Community; we are honored to add an elite powerhouse in Dr. Tom Bradicich to our Board of Advisors,” said Bill Mortimer, IoT Community Advisory Board Chairman. “We are excited to build a best practice converged framework for Edge – in all of its forms under Dr. Tom’s leadership as Chair of the newly formed Converged Edge CoE.”

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