HiScene debuts HiAR G100 AR glasses that come equipped with enterprise communication and collaboration tool HiLeia

HiScene, a Chinese AR company and partner of Baidu, Tecent, Alibaba and Meitu, recently launched its AR glasses HiAR G100. Priced at RMB 16,998, HiAR G100 is now available at the HiScene website, supporting co-customization with clients for uses in aviation and aerospace, power, automotive manufacturing and education.

As mass-produced binocular AR smart glasses in China, HiAR G100 has been thoroughly upgraded for better brightness and heat dissipation. It supports SLAM and offers a minimalist user interface specially designed for AR glasses. Moreover, it is equipped with HiLeia, a communication and collaboration tool built for AR smart terminals, to create an “on the spot” communication experience for enterprise users.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai, HiScene is a provider of AR products and services. It has integrated its core AI technologies such as computer vision, deep learning and intelligent interoperability with hardware products to build a platform-level industry solution. Currently, the company serves hundreds of clients in the fields of Internet, education, industry, tourism and marketing.

HiLeia’s instant annotation and one-click video freeze functions enable the combination of AR with traditional audio and video communication, and the first-person view sharing among multiple parties. It supports multiple cross-platform terminals and transmission of multifarious files to increase work efficiency.

HiLeia also connects to a smart cloud platform to provide an exclusive management system for account and device management and real-time information storage and analysis. In addition, with good scalability and integration, HiLeia supports rapid access to the existing office and management systems.

HiLeia is expected to solve pain points such as lack of experts, difficulties in passing on experience, long-distance and complex communication, information isolation, multi-worker coordination and many others. “Commercial opportunities for HiLeia lie in power, oil, military, machinery, and even healthcare,” said Liao Chunyuan, founder and CEO of HiScene.

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