Griswold SafeGuard predictive maintenance offering enhances technology in pump diagnostics

Griswold, part of PSG and Dover and manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, introduced on Tuesday a new technique for the centrifugal pump industry, SafeGuard, a predictive maintenance solution. Featuring wireless access and 24/7 proactive alerts, SafeGuard technology alerts the user when a problem occurs, and also provides actionable guidance to resolve it.

Current diagnostic technologies often provide only warning signals and are only designed to monitor the health of the pump and ignore the health issues associated with the motor. The SafeGuard solution provides answers to all of these critical needs.

The SafeGuard Preventative Maintenance Solution allows both the pump and the motor to be remotely monitored 24/7 with continuous cloud connectivity, delivering the true value of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

If an issue occurs, a proactive alert is automatically generated, including clear actionable guidance that can be followed by maintenance personnel to resolve the root cause of the issue. This proactive approach to pump monitoring can help lower maintenance costs by up to 30 percent and result in up to 75 percent fewer breakdowns.

The SafeGuard System is an industrial pump monitoring solution that provides proactive pump health alerts via continuous cloud connectivity. Through wireless access and remote observation, this system tracks the health of both the pump and motor, automatically generating an issue alert with clear, actionable guidance to easily resolve the root cause of the issue.

SafeGuard is designed to monitor all types of centrifugal pumps. Four battery-powered sensors (end points) are included in the SafeGuard system as well as a node/sensor reader. Two of the end points are installed on the pump and two are installed on the motor. All four sensors work in unison to predict the full health of the pump and motor. This allows for complete diagnostic analysis that reads the system’s tri-axial vibration, temperature and electromagnetic values for the pump as well as the motor, coupling and foundation.

The data (vibration, temperature and electromagnetic readings) are collected into the node and transferred to the cloud using WiFi or included cellular data service, with the intent of being analysed. The cloud uses a set of machine-learning algorithms to determine the overall health of the equipment.

When a potential issue is identi ed, the algorithms analyze the data to determine its root cause: bearing failure, coupling misalignment, or others. All findings can be found by logging into the SafeGuard system online or received via an automated email report.

Once online, the SafeGuard website will provide a high-level overview of the pump’s health. If multiple SafeGuard systems are installed within the plant, the SafeGuard website will provide a summary of all the pumps installed. If a health issue arises on one of the pumps, the SafeGuard system will immediately provide an alert as well as provide detailed actionable repair guidance backed by summarized data.

Reports are automatically emailed when the status of the equipment changes (i.e. health transitions from acceptable to monitor). The report content can be customized to contain desired information.


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