FixStream introduces visual artificial intelligence platform to predict business application issues across hybrid IT

FixStream, vendor of solutions for Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), introduced this week an advanced version of its product, the industry’s first AIOps platform to quickly predict business application issues across an enterprise’s entire hybrid IT stack.

With new Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, advanced multi-layer correlation from business transactions to application services and infrastructure, FixStream can now rapidly identify issues that can significantly impact business in minutes instead of hours.  

The new FixStream AIOps platform can detect patterns to predict and prevent future business outages, modernizing IT operations management while increasing revenues, customer satisfaction, and business agility.

With the rapid pace of digital transformation and the need for on-demand access 24/7, companies rely on their applications to do business more than ever before.  When an application goes down even for just a few minutes, IT can take days or weeks to resolve issues, costing millions of dollars in revenue.

It is very challenging for IT teams to pinpoint and resolve these issues due to the increasing growth of real-time business transactions, and the complex nature of dynamic hybrid and software-defined technologies. Existing domain-centric tools and technologies make routine IT operations cumbersome and time-consuming, putting companies’ business at risk.

FixStream applies a proprietary machine learning algorithm to contextually correlated data to automatically discover patterns, so IT operations can predict and visualize future outages. As a result of deep learning insights, IT teams can significantly reduce troubleshooting efforts from weeks, months, or days down to minutes.

New ML capabilities include dynamic thresholding and multivariate anomaly detection for IT staff to identify a sequence or group of anomaly events for transactions, applications and infrastructure entities that may impact a business application (i.e.-unplanned events such as DDOS attack or better plan for Black Friday).

IT staff can now identify and visualize in seconds the sequence of correlated events that have impacted a specific application or business process and identify patterns with probabilities to predict future incidents (i.e.-  predict eCommerce transactions such as ordering new service or paying bills will stop working after one hour due to a detected alert to prevent the incident from happening).

IT teams can now analyze historical trends around the utilization of an infrastructure resource and predict when the infrastructure entity will run out of capacity. Now IT operations can proactively plan to add more capacity before an event negatively impacts the business.

“We are modernizing IT, giving it a seat at the executive table,” said Sameer Padhye, Founder and CEO of FixStream. “FixStream’s multi-layer correlation, visualization and machine learning capabilities across business KPI’s, applications and infrastructure is a gamechanger, reducing the complexity of how enterprises identify issues across their IT infrastructure and saving millions in revenue by predicting outages in the future.”

“FixStream’s end-to-end view across all domains – business-critical applications and infrastructure – and its ability to accelerate IT problems resolution is unlike any operations platform I have seen before, capable of reducing MTTR by four times,” said Mike Fischer, CDO at Hertz and former SVP, Global IT Operations at First Advantage. “As networks get more dynamic, finding out why outages are happening is more challenging for IT executives. The FixStream AIOps platform will give them unprecedented insights into their companies’ mission-critical business processes to rapidly identify issues and predict outages, saving crucial time and allowing them to solve problems faster.”

FixStream’s approach to infrastructure management is unique in that it addresses the user experience holistically – from the application to the infrastructure that supports it,” said Mike Jude, Research Manager, Big Data Analytics, Stratecast, Frost & Sullivan. “The application of AI technologies to preemptively address user impacting issues before the user sees them is innovative, and combining such capabilities with an end-to-end management approach means that FixStream is likely to predict more faults before they can occur than other infrastructure management tools.”


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