FixStream, Cherwell Software collaborate to automate detection and resolution of IT issues; accelerate digital transformation

FixStream, vendor of solutions for artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), and Cherwell Software announced this week a collaboration designed to accelerate digital transformation. The two companies will integrate their technologies to provide customers with a next-generation IT operations solution leveraging machine learning with workflow automation to help more quickly and accurately find, predict and resolve ITSM (information technology service management) issues.

Modern IT environments are dynamic and IT operations lack real-time, accurate visibility across their hybrid IT environments. Moreover, modern enterprises are now accelerating their digital business transformation, increasing the complexity of their IT environment while raising their expectations of performance and uptime of critical business applications.

FixStream creates an accurate and real-time inventory of the physical, logical and virtual entity across the IT stack via an agent-less auto-discovery process. It then automatically updates Cherwell’s Configuration Management Databases (CMDB), correlates business transactions with applications and infrastructure, visualizing operational issues in the context of the business applications, and then applying machine learning to detect patterns and predict outages so that they can be fixed before they occur.

IT staff can now identify and visualize in seconds the sequence of correlated events across datacenters as well as automate the root cause analysis of critical business processes, increasing CMDB accuracy.

“Facilitating IT Operations has always been at the core of our business and we are seeing massive opportunity with the rise of AI technology in the space that is likely to continue to spread across the enterprise,” said Matthew Peeples, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “We are excited to work with FixStream to help our customers leverage machine learning and automation to further drive productivity increases.”

“We are bringing a new approach to IT Operations that combines big data with machine learning to improve and automate key ITSM processes,” said Sameer Padhye, founder and CEO of FixStream. “Our integration with Cherwell will automate the discovery of entities and their relationships across datacenters and the ingestion of the accurate inventory into Cherwell’s CMDB. This will reduce the complexity of how enterprises identify issues across their IT infrastructure and save millions in revenue by predicting outages in the future.”


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