Everbridge releases Critical Event Management for Internet of Things supported by two technology acquisitions

Everbridge unveiled this week new CEM capabilities across the Internet of Things (IoT) for corporate, government and healthcare organizations to protect their people, assets, operations, supply chain and brand from critical events such as coronavirus (COVID-19). Everbridge’s CEM platform will feature a new IoT extension module that will also leverage the intellectual property from recent technology acquisitions of Connexient and CNL Software

As a result, organizations will be able to gather a broader range of situational intelligence and automate targeted responses throughout their entire safety, security, and operational continuum – from across a global footprint to within campuses and facilities.

With the number of IoT devices expected to approach 75 billion by 2025, the Everbridge CEM platform enables organizations to utilize vast amounts of electronic data, including IoT sensors, to digitally transform how they manage the safety and security of their employees, customers, patients, first responders, residents, and visitors, as well as the resiliency of their operations and supply chain. CEM for IoT extends the number of use cases for the Everbridge platform within the broader critical event management market, complementing the company’s existing offerings for supply chain and wearable devices.

Everbridge’s IoT initiative employs the same CEM framework currently being used by industry leaders from aircraft manufacturing, financial services, entertainment & media, high tech, healthcare, hospitality, retail, pharmaceuticals, the federal government, and other sectors. 

The Everbridge CEM framework includes aggregating tens of thousands of data sources to identify threats; determining the relevance of a threat to an organization’s people, facilities, assets, supply chain and reputation based on their dynamic locations; automatically initiating and orchestrating an enterprise-wide response plan using the organization’s policies and procedures and monitoring execution of that plan; while analyzing cycle times and results to identify bottlenecks and improve future performance.

A Critical Event Management platform uses technology to take manual processes and automate them. Amplifying ad hoc data feeds to provide richer intelligence and correlating threats with locations of assets and people, ensures more rapid and comprehensive incident assessment and remediation.

Additional benefits include ability to automate the initiation of incident response activities; faster recovery of operations; more complete assessment of risk profile to move from a reactive crisis response approach to a proactive crisis prevention approach; and accelerated analysis of performance.

Everbridge has experience with early implementations of Safe City and Smart Building programs in both the public safety and corporate space. According to IHS Markit, the global Safe City market will reach $35.8 billion in 2024. Brand Essence Market Research forecasts the overall Smart Building market will grow to $59 billion in 2025. The utilization of a network of connected devices, or IoT, will make up a portion of both markets.

The acquisitions of Connexient and CNL Software augment the IoT capabilities of the Everbridge CEM Platform bringing the total number of out-of-the-box integrations to over 225. Integrations include numerous healthcare systems, indoor positioning, digital wayfinding, building management, access control, intruder detection, video management, and many more. Everbridge solutions secure major events, cities, states, military installations, government buildings, universities, airports, corporate campuses, and healthcare facilities, providing instrumental functionality to Safe City and Smart Building use cases across multiple critical events including coronavirus.

Companies, governments and healthcare organizations utilize CEM to mitigate risks from coronavirus with several million COVID-19 related communications deployed by Everbridge in recent weeks. 

The expansion of CEM for IoT enhances coronavirus-related use cases to better protect people, operations, supply chain and brand. For example, the Everbridge ecosystem supports over 1,500 healthcare entities including pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device and manufacturing companies, as well as the largest healthcare systems (overseeing more than 25 percent of all hospital beds in the U.S.), managed care organizations, pharmacies, and statewide health alert networks (HANs), including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). CEM for IoT improves the ability to coordinate first responders and other critical healthcare resources such as intensive care unit (ICU) beds, respirators, expert medical staff, etc., based on real-time data on the broader impact of COVID-19.

“The CEM platform monitors threat data streams continuously, alerts stakeholders when there is a relevant issue, and automatically orchestrates a coordinated response—it is always on,” said Imad Mouline CTO of Everbridge.

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