Edgeworx announces availability of open source ioFog platform for edge computing

Edgeworx launched Tuesday availability of its open-source ioFog platform, and announced funding from Samsung NEXT, Sequoia Seed and CloudScale Capital Partners. The company aims to disrupt the edge computing market, announcing the Edgeworx ioFog allows users to “bring their own edge” by enabling any device or hardware to become a secure software platform.

Targeting developers, ioFog makes it simple to deploy and manage any application or containerized microservices at the edge. As security is a big concern for customers in production, Edgeworx is the first to design security for both hardware and software at the edge rather than repurposing security models originally designed for the cloud.

Currently available, the ioFog platform focuses on three foundational technologies for developer. It turns hardware into an intelligent edge node by providing an edge compute platform that standardizes running software at the edge. It monitors the health and resources so that users can operate edge effectively at scale. It also makes it easy to create a dynamic, distributed, self-organizing Edge Compute Network with all devices. No trips to the cloud required and no more VPNs and NAT layers to deal with to enable users to own the network and control the data.

The platform also creates a distributed trust network by constantly validating a comprehensive set of security signals to provide Pure Edge Security. Every device secures the edge network. Instead of increasing attack surface, users get an increased defense surface.

In development and usage for nearly four years, ioFog has been released under the banner of the Eclipse Foundation. Leveraging ioFog’s container-based architecture, the vibrant ioFog developer community contributed hundreds of microservices to the ioFog marketplace, which have been deployed more than 40,000 times.

“A long time in the making, we are pleased to announce the availability of our ioFog platform. With the Eclipse brand behind us and its five-million developer community, we are now able to provide a horizontal application platform that works in any industry, for any solution, on any device, while developers build the vertical applications,” said Kilton Hopkins, co-founder and CEO of Edgeworx. “ioFog makes it so simple that any developer can write and deploy microservices for the edge in an afternoon.”

“Edgeworx is solving the most critical challenges faced when attempting to deploy secure applications at the edge without re-inventing existing cloud apps,” said Dr. Hossein Eslambolshi, technical advisor to Facebook and an Edgeworx investor with CloudScale. “Edgeworx is doing for the edge what Android did for mobile phones,” added the former CTO and CIO of AT&T.

“At Samsung NEXT, we believe the trend towards decentralization will have a profound effect on vertical markets by accelerating adoption of edge computing and IoT technology in industries,” said Raymond Liao, a managing director of Samsung NEXT Ventures. “Edgeworx’s edge computing platform builds on this belief, enabling the ioFog open source developers to transform their own vertical markets. With this comes great potential for those industries to be at the forefront of the next computing paradigm.”

“We believe that our open-source strategy is a differentiator at the edge. We break down the traditional IT/OT vertical silos, empowering a wave of domain experts to build and deploy novel edge applications. We are already seeing wide-scale traction with both customers and OEM partners in industries such as telecommunications, smart home, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and oil and gas,” said Farah Papaioannou, co-founder and president of Edgeworx.


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