Dell Boomi, and digitalAngel partner to revolutionise the future of healthcare

Dell Boomi (Boomi), provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business, announced on Tuesday that the company’s technology is powering an Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare platform from Dutch start-up digitalAngel.

Working with local partner, Nalta, digitalAngel has adopted Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to launch a ground-breaking pilot project focusing on intelligent mattresses – in which sensory data is shared with nurses, caregivers and healthcare staff in real-time to provide instantaneous and round-the-clock monitoring of patients.

Smart care products and new hardware innovations in the healthcare sector powered by biosensors, from smart beds through to artificially intelligent MedTech machines are set to proliferate in the coming years, all of which will be able to use digitalAngel as a single, central connected platform.

The smart mattress is able to transmit sensory data to carers and, in the near future, will be able to automatically adjust a patient’s sleeping position, reacting to how well or badly a person is sleeping, thus freeing up more time for caregivers to focus on more essential jobs. And smart sleeping technology is just the beginning for digitalAngel, with the vision to create a single, unified connected platform for all aspects of smart healthcare.

“Technology is transforming healthcare on a large scale at an extremely fast pace, and our unique vision is to create a single platform to combine multiple IoT and biometric sensors in ways that offer the maximum benefit to carers, patients and their families alike,” says Peter de Lange, managing director at digitalAngel. “Importantly, we are one of the first IoT platforms to have fully approved medical device classification. We are building the universal platform for the healthcare industry of the future.”

“Nalta quickly established a very close partnership with digitalAngel starting from the development of the first concept,” says Mike Veldhuis, partner at Nalta. “In doing so we were able to significantly shorten the go to market time of the platform.”

“This initial intelligent mattress project is a useful microcosm that helps to demonstrate the huge potential of the digitalAngel platform,” said Ian Currie, head of EMEA at Dell Boomi. “Data-driven healthcare powered by multiple connected biometric sensors is clearly the future of smart healthcare. And we are proud to be digitalAngel’s technology partner helping to create the IoT healthcare platform of the future.”

“We are on the cusp of a number of major developments in smart healthcare products and technologies and digitalAngel will be the glue that holds them all together,” concluded Currie.

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