Data I/O unveils SentriX secure provisioning support for Maxim’s DeepCover authentication ICs

Data I/O Corp., provider of advanced data, security provisioning and programming solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers, announced on Monday security provisioning support for the DS28C36 and DS2476 DeepCover secure authentication ICs from Maxim Integrated Products on the SentriX Security Provisioning Platform.

OEMs for internet of things (IoT) are increasingly concerned with the risk of IP theft, product cloning and system hacking by nefarious actors exploiting vulnerabilities found in modern connected devices. Attacks on connected products used in building automation, smart grid and commercial applications have led to billions of dollars in lost revenue, brand credibility and consumer confidence.

Many security experts agree that software methods alone are insufficient to protect devices from increasingly sophisticated hackers. The ideal method to prevent attacks is for OEMs to design hardware based security directly into their products.

Authentication ICs, like these two Maxim DeepCover devices, enable hardware based security to provide trust, protect IP and secure communications. These devices enable mutual authentication of an IoT product with an OEM’s service infrastructure so both the device and the service can ensure each other’s identity. Companies can personalize these devices by provisioning them with asymmetric keys, symmetric keys and certificates. This process of provisioning enables OEMs to add their own unique identity to an embedded, hardware based root-of-trust.

An IoT product secured in this way enables OEMs to provide secure updates to their products in the field, as well as secure their supply chain from counterfeits and clones. These authentication ICs, combined with an integrated and cost-effective security provisioning process, enable customers of all size and volumes to secure their products.

Data I/O has collaborated with Maxim to support personalized, secure provisioning of Maxim’s DS28C36 and DS2476 DeepCover ICs on the SentriX Platform. The SentriX Platform is a highly flexible cost-effective security provisioning and data programming system for authentication ICs, secure elements and secure microcontrollers. The SentriX Platform enables a strong foundation of security by provisioning a hardware based root-of-trust during the manufacturing process.

“As the IoT market grows and attacks become increasingly prevalent, OEMs of all sizes must have a cost-effective and integrated method to enable hardware based security,” said Anthony Ambrose, president and CEO of Data I/O. “The SentriX Platform provides a trusted and secured provisioning solution for any company to embed a hardware based root-of-trust in silicon in the manufacturing flow for their IoT products without a minimum quantity to meet. We are excited for this collaboration with Maxim Integrated, a leader in security enabled silicon devices, to support security provisioning for their devices on the SentriX Platform and enable OEMs of all size and volumes to secure their connected devices from design through manufacturing.”

“Maxim’s DeepCover DS28C36 and DS2476 devices solve a wide range of security issues for connected devices including product quality/safety, counterfeit prevention, secure download/boot, and IoT device integrity and authenticity,” said Scott Jones, Managing Director, Embedded Security at Maxim Integrated. “Through our collaboration with Data I/O, we are providing customers with trusted products and a secure provisioning process from product design through manufacturing.”

As the need for security is so high, the market for secure elements and secure microcontrollers is anticipated to grow to 4 billion units in the next 5 years. Many security experts agree the best way to ensure better IoT security is to embed hardware based roots-of-trust early in the design and manufacturing stage.

Data I/O’s SentriX platform delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective ecosystem to provision roots of trust in security conscious markets such as automotive and IoT. The SentriX Platform is currently available.

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