Cypress secures aerospace-grade QML certification for its 65nm and 40nm SRAM devices at UMC

Cypress Semiconductor and United Microelectronics, a semiconductor foundry company, announced on Wednesday that Cypress’ 65nm and 40nm technology platforms are initial platforms to achieve Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) certification for their advance product flows. The next-generation 144-Mbit Quad Data Rate (QDR) II+, 144-Mbit QDR IV and 16-Mbit Asynchronous SRAM devices, manufactured at UMC’s Fab 12A in Tainan, Taiwan, were qualified under the QML-V certification for aerospace-grade applications.

QML certification is administered by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime and represents one of the most stringent quality procedures implemented by the U.S. government to ensure reliable and controlled supply of microelectronic components.

UMC’s comprehensive foundry solutions enable chip designers to leverage the company’s sophisticated technology and manufacturing, which include high volume 28nm High-K/Metal Gate technology, 14nm FinFET mass production, ultra-low power platform processes specifically developed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and the automotive industry’s highest-rated AEC-Q100 Grade-0 manufacturing capabilities for the production of ICs found in vehicles.

UMC’s 11 wafer fabs are located throughout Asia and are able to produce nearly 600,000 wafers per month. The company employs over 19,000 people worldwide, with offices in Taiwan, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the United States.

“QML certification of our most advanced technology platforms is a major milestone,” said Helmut Puchner, Senior Director of Aerospace and Defense for Cypress’ Memory Products Division. “Our new radiation-hardened memory products will be the first QML-V-certified, high-density SRAM products to augment and support existing and future FPGA- and processor-based space applications. Being able to access the next-generation technology platforms from our foundry partner UMC enables us to deliver leading-edge, high-density and power-optimized memory products for our space customers.”

“UMC is committed to maintaining the world’s highest quality levels of manufacturing in order to enhance the competitiveness of our foundry customers,” said Clock Chung, senior director of Quality Assurance Division at UMC. “Working with Cypress to achieve QML-V certification of their 65nm and 40nm products at UMC represents the latest accomplishment in our two companies’ longstanding partnership. We look forward to realizing new milestones with Cypress in the future.”

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