Cielo IT Sets Itself Apart in a Clouded Space  

The systems integration and managed services provider is named one of IoT Innovator’s ’50 Most Innovative IoT Companies in 2017’

 by Kim Kay

As the explosive growth of the Internet of Things continues unabated into 2018 (at last count, more than 20 billion devices were connected globally), it seems safe to wager that IoT has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for businesses scrambling to manage efficiency and cut costs.

But in order to harness the full power of IoT, users need an IT service provider that doesn’t just understand the value of smart business but also provides the technology, software and support needed to elevate that business to the next level.

In other words, it’s no longer enough for companies to open their doors – both physical and virtual – and wait for customers to come calling. Far from it. Today’s customers are savvy and exacting and have come to rely on personalized experience and a deeper integration of the services they use.

Handily, CieloIT has taken customized service well beyond the bricks and mortar. The systems integration and Managed Services Provider (MSP) realizes that the best IoT delivery services are about far more than just offering increased connectivity via IoT. In fact, by embracing automation, maintenance, IT support and customer service, the Internet of Things becomes only a piece of the puzzle for a company that seems to effortlessly deliver the type of deeply beneficial experience that customers want.

IoT Innovator thought CieloIT’s sweeping, out-of-the-box approach to managed services – IoT or otherwise – deserved some serious recognition, naming it one of the 50 Most Innovative IoT Companies in 2017.

The publisher’s inaugural Top 50 awards – which span multiple IoT markets across the globe, including Enterprise, Automotive, Consumer, Healthcare, Industrial and Safety – honor the most cutting-edge and contemporary companies that are helping to turn today’s IoT landscape into a wonderfully fertile one.

Head and shoulders above the cloud
Founded in 2009 by CEO Imre Szenttornyay, CieloIT was established in 2017 as a Cloud MSP with a focus on Cloud IP technology solutions for business that includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Containers as a Service (CaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and Smart Digital Signage. Fast forward to April 2018, when CieloIT will unveil a state-of-the-art innovation lab at its Lubbock, Texas-based headquarters.

CieloIT’s brand new innovation lab (CieloLabs) will be unveiled in April 2018.
CieloLabs is a unique collaboration and education space designed to foster creative ideas and business sustainability.

Of course, it didn’t go unnoticed during IoT Innovator’s judging process that the company also knows a thing or two about IoT rapid development and prototyping of custom managed cloud hardware and software solutions (known as CieloWare) through its CieloLabs Blue Kit.

Essentially, the Blue Kit is a low-code, visual prototyping solution that introduces users to IoT via platform as a service, rapid prototyping and visualization. Utilizing a visual, rapid-prototyping tool, CieloIT develops a proof of concept that collects sensor data on premises or in the cloud.

The CieloLabs’ largest Blue Kit delivery center, located in Monterrey, Mexico.
The newly opened CieloLabs’ Blue Kit delivery center in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Automation elation
With more than 500 employees and a presence in seven countries that includes the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, it’s clear that CieloIT values the notion that it’s important not only to satisfy customer demand, but also satisfy it to scale. Perhaps that’s why the company readily embraced automation – the kind that increases efficiency and slashes costs.

Indeed, CieloIT has a uniquely enlightened approach to automation. To wit: The company knows it’s not just the end user experience that benefits from automation solutions. Rather, CieloIT’s next-generation business process automation software assists companies with tasks such as organization and project management while helping them deftly coordinate teams and hit targets faster. The constant goal for CieloIT, of course, is to be able to consistently give its customers a leg up over the competition.

Under the hood, CieloIT makes the wheels move thanks to a business process automation platform known as CieloDesk. In a nutshell, CieloDesk is a PINKVerify-certified service desk software that streamlines entire workflows, networks and systems into one easy-to-use platform.

Planet Fitness can attest to that ease-of-use; the fitness center giant has incorporated a range of CieloIT’s technologies in order to streamline and build its business. Planet Fitness franchise owner, Brian Hooker, says he was happy to work with CieloIT through the build out phase of the franchise locations he oversees.

“The ongoing support has been a positive experience,” Hooker said. “The value of working with a company like CieloIT, which provides a wide-ranging, comprehensive set of services for all kinds of businesses, is huge.”

The freedom to be as high maintenance as you desire
If you’re like most burgeoning businesses, then your company requires ongoing maintenance and facility management. Conveniently, CieloIT’s automation solutions help to maintain a company’s infrastructure – offering everything from power and plumbing services to equipment maintenance, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and even field service management.

Another key component of CieloIT’s maintenance services involves letting the smart devices do all of the heavy lifting. Companies can start by letting their equipment notify staff if something malfunctions (rather than waiting for something to happen).

The best kind of support group
Admittedly, maintenance services wouldn’t mean much without a complete range of IT support services to bolster them. Not surprisingly, CieloIT offers an array of 24/7 options for every size, shape and demographic of customer through its CieloCare support team. So, whether businesses require IT support as a long-term managed service or whether they need it on-demand, they’ll be covered.

CieloIT didn’t forget about those employees who are further afield; the company provides field service management – available globally – to help businesses effectively deploy and manage teams operating next-gen IoT technology in the field. And for those members of the team who might be a bit rusty, CieloIT offers remote training (making a long-distance relationship sound almost appealing.)

Never underestimate the power of stellar customer service
Of course, it’s all well and good for a company to offer a superior technology, but without timely and exceptional customer service to back it up, that offering is akin to eating at a restaurant with no waiters. CieloIT truly gets it, with its assortment of voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) communication services (Cielo Voice) that unify everything from call desks to email. That sounds clear as a bell to us.

To learn more about CieloIT’s full range of services, visit or call 806.410.1302.


Kim Kay is the editor-in-chief and associate publisher of IoT Innovator. Email her at


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