CES 2019: Segway-Ninebot debuts Loomo Delivery, Shared Scooter Model Max to meet networked solutions for smart cities

Segway-Ninebot announced Wednesday enhancement of its position in the future of mobility with the introduction of brand-new innovations in micro mobility at CES 2019. The company is truly focused on owning the burgeoning sub sector of the future of mobility: short distance transportation – namely “last mile transportation” solutions through innovative, eco-friendly transportation vehicles that are more intelligent, more networked, and more attuned to mobility needs advancing the cities of today and taking them into tomorrow. Learnings from current lines have spurred the next generation of innovation.

Leveraging robotics, AI and cloud-based technologies, Segway-Ninebot is building an ecosystem of micro-mobility products that will greatly shape the future of short-distance transportation and cities, while also giving consumers a diverse range of options that are fun and fit their lifestyles.

Segway-Ninebot will showcase at next week’s CES 2019 conference at Las Vegas their ecosystem of smart, entertaining and functional products that will be available at retail this year including the Segway Drift W1 e-Skates and the Ninebot GoKart Kit. New product lines that will help urban dwellers and businesses effectively navigate and complete shorter city distances and tasks include the introduction of the Loomo Delivery, an innovation in delivery mobility and robotics, and the Shared Scooter Model Max, Powered by Segway, a next generation shared scooter featuring technological advancements based upon its in market learnings.

While a core focus of Segway-Ninebot is “last mile solutions,” they also have a growing portfolio of mobility entertainment products. This includes the debut at retail in early 2019 of the Ninebot GoKart Kit and the Segway Drift W1, which raised more than 2 million dollars combined through highly successful Indiegogo campaigns in 2018. The Ninebot GoKart Kit is both an adult’s dream kart and a kid’s dream car. It is one of the most unique accessories Segway-Ninebot has ever released. By attaching your Ninebot S base to the kit you’re able to enjoy a fully functional go-kart, and to reach top speeds of up to 24km/h. With an adjustable frame length, three speed modes and a maximum user-weight-bearing of 100KG, both parents and kids will be able to enjoy the riding!

Meanwhile, the Segway Drift W1 are self-balancing e-Skates that are stylish, cool and fun to master. It weighs less than 8lbs per single e-Skate, and can be carried by holding the attached elastic band. Segway Drift W1 is made out of high-quality material and the structure is strengthened by a strong frame. The rubber bumpers at the front and rear prevent damage during impact. Segway Drift W1 us IPX6 Splash Proof and riding comfort is maximized by the slip resistant foot mat.

With advance research and development in smart AI technology, Segway-Ninebot created the Loomo Delivery, the company’s initial autonomous vehicle designed to revolutionize the short distance delivery industry for take-outs, parcels, and goods—and in doing so are helping shape the future of the short distance delivery workforce. The delivery service in the United States alone is a multibillion-dollar industry and Loomo Delivery is designed to provide a comprehensive autonomous delivery solution for office buildings, shopping malls, and other destinations. The Loomo Delivery brings to the delivery industry an innovation technology that makes the industry more cost and labor efficient, reliable, simplistic and fun. Fast, convenient and a fully automated transporter, Loomo Delivery safely navigates obstacles and crowded environments and is built with the quality, caliber and performance of Segway-Ninebot’s leading reputation in micro mobility quality and standard.

The Loomo Delivery has an easy to use Interactive Screen Interface, Cloud Management Center, allowing it to perform cloud-based service dispatch, real-time monitoring, elevator integration and a real-time help service. It also has an extremely low cost utilizing proprietary 3D visual SLAM algorithms. The self-developed 3D VSLAM algorithm, which can be positioned using only a monocular camera, can detect up to centimeter-level position accuracy, and reduces the cost of core hardware compared to traditional SLAM.

Segway-Ninebot has also been at the forefront of the urban scooter sharing movement, powering majority of scooter sharing operators. From its leadership position, Segway-Ninebot has earned unmatched knowledge and expertise in the space. To that end, this year the company will launch its next generation of shared scooter, the Shared Scooter Model Max, Powered by Segway, a top of the line vehicle designed to further fuel the electric scooter movement and its place at the center of last mile transportation.

The Shared Scooter Model Max, powered by Segway, improves the rider experience and safety. From their learnings being at the center of the growing scooter-sharing market, Segway-Ninebot began to develop a new generation of shared scooter: Model Max. Model Max was designed taking into consideration complex shared usage scenarios, consumer overuse of vehicles, operation models and maintenance costs. Their goal in creating the new scooter was to greatly improve reliability and weather resistance. The new generation of Model Max (powered by Segway) shared scooter product platform will provide users with a more dependable and comfortable riding experience, and help operators significantly reduce operating and maintenance cost, in addition to lengthening the lifespan of the vehicle. At the same time, Segway-Ninebot is also more open to accept the customized needs of various operators to meet the different needs of users and customers in each market.

“As we continue to expand our portfolio of products, it’s with an eye towards true innovation that will enable individuals to move around their cities in a greener, more efficient and time-saving way, while also providing businesses with solutions that help them deliver goods and services more speedily over short distances,” said Luke Gao, CEO of Segway-Ninebot. “The debut of the Loomo Delivery and new scooter will offer brand new options within the realm of last mile transportation, as cities continue to become more and more populated.”


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