CES 2018: TiTAN Platform debuts its AI robot that uses facial and speech recognition to interpret emotions

Virtual assistants have just gotten smarter and more versatile with the TiTAN AI Robot from TiTAN Platform, a smart content and device company that is previewing the new product at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The AI Robot responds to verbal requests like what’s the weather forecast? did the Cubs win? play Bob Dylan! turn on the house lights!), as well as  gets visual like showing calendar for the day, home security cameras, BFF on a video call and streaming content, as well as interpreting mood through facial and speech recognition and making movie, music and food recommendations accordingly.      

Key features include a voice assistant, video and audio streaming, voice calling, app monitoring, search, visual display, and connectivity to smart home “Internet of things” (IoT) solutions such as digitally controlled lights, thermostat and home security systems. The device also includes a swivel base that allows it to follow user movement and offers multiple color designs for personalization.

In addition, the TiTAN AI Robot can be used to access and control the company’s new TiTAN Core all-in-one smart home and entertainment hubs. These whole-house gateways enable consumers to manage smart home systems as well as retrieve videos, music, podcasts, e-books, games, VR and other digital content from a single device, bringing never-before-possible simplicity to the connected home.

TiTAN Platform is a smart content and device company disrupting multiple industries with proprietary technology that protects, monetizes and dramatically simplifies access to digital content of all kinds. The TiTAN ecosystem includes TiTAN Play, a transactional, encrypted content platform; TiTAN Core, an all-in-one smart home and entertainment hub; and TiTAN Digital Signage, an out-of-home, content-to-commerce solution.

The company is based in Korea with offices in Los Angeles, Singapore and China, $40 million raised in Asia, and a large additional investment pending in the U.S.

“TiTAN AI is helping us rethink how we use devices through smart interaction,” said Brian Eble, president/CMO, Titan Platform US. “The ability of the Titan AI to understand our moods and behaviors is a real game changer in the industry, providing recommendations on music, movies, devices and more to reflect our current lifestyle.”

TiTAN AI Robot will be available at shop.titanplatform.us and at select retailers in the second quarter this year. In addition to the new robot product, the company is showcasing its other smart content and connected devices at CES 2018.

Last year, TiTAN Platform announced a content distribution agreement with VUBIQUITY, provider of premium content services. The agreement encompasses film and television content that will be available on the TiTAN Play platform.

Beginning in this quarter, a catalog of new and recent films from major and independent studios will be offered on a VOD basis in the U.S. only. The addition of movies and TV content for electronic sell-through or download to own, expansion to Asia and other consumption models are intended for the future.

Distribution in Asia is planned to span China, Japan, India, Korea and Singapore, facilitated in part by TiTAN’s existing strategic partnership with China Unicom, the country’s third largest telecom, and its Internet Content Provider license allowing TiTAN to distribute content broadly in mainland China.

TiTAN and VUBIQUITY will be leveraging that relationship in an effort to overcome the barriers confronted by U.S. content owners in gaining access to the massive Chinese market.

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