CES 2017: Plezmo to launch cloud-backed, wireless sensors and coding apps

Plezmo is designed to help bring ideas to life using wireless Plezmo Elements, which help kids create various “smart” things like games, wearables and more. Plezmo will be demonstrating the educational system at CES prior to the company’s launch on Kickstarter on Jan. 9th.

Plezmo includes a platform of wireless devices and easy-to-use coding apps to learn, play and innovate with technology. It empowers kids to bring their personally meaningful ideas to life. While they focus on realizing their ideas, they are developing logical thinking and coding skills.

Plezmo applications have a drag-and-drop visual programming interface for easily creating projects with Plezmo elements. They have a built-in simulator for young coders to see their creations on the screen prior to building them and come with an integrated cloud-based community sharing feature that helps kids learn from others and share their creations with other Plezmo kids.

The applications also have support for programming LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Wedo, and Sphero, and will be available on iOS, Chromebook and Android devices.

Plezmo allows users to create projects in arts, science, music, robotics or even build their own game. They can use Plezmo’s Proximity and Bulb elements to surprise friends and family with a Christmas tree that lights up when someone walks by; or with a little help from Plezmo’s Speaker, Motor and Gesture elements, consumers can keep their dollhouse safe from intruders (or pesky siblings) with burglar alarms and automatic opening doors.

Plezmo has built the platform of best possible building blocks to learn, teach and play with technology for the education and maker markets. The Plezmo team believes that the technology should be put in the hands of children in a safe and simple way to empower them to create things that are in line with the world around them.

Plezmo Elements include sensors and actuators that are small, lightweight and rechargeable building blocks that children can attach to different things to make them work. The elements are designed to work with everyday objects such as existing toys, cardboard based creations, bags, bikes and more to turn them into smart products.

In total, there are 13 different Elements and five types of Accessories, which make the possibilities for creativity endless. Plezmo Elements can be recharged and can used anywhere because no internet connection is needed.

“Children are known for being extremely creative and are able to easily soak in and retain everything around them,” said co-founder Amol Palshikar. “With Plezmo we are helping children use their wildest imagination to create innovative and functional items that they can then use and share with their friends in real life. Kids who want to code no longer need to work with wired electronics or robotic kits because Plezmo gives them more freedom to create what they want.”

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