CES 2017: Pioneer unveils digital bass control technology to improve quality, performance in cars

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. introduced the TS-WX70DA active add-on subwoofer, designed to improve the audio of virtually any vehicle’s sound system. The model features Digital Bass Control, a new proprietary technology developed by Pioneer to control frequency response and increase the performance of the subwoofer system in the car. Users have a choice between two selectable bass modes, Deep and Dynamic, created to match and enhance their listening preferences.

Despite its shallow 3-3/4” height, the TS-WX70DA produces impressive and heavy bass thanks to the system’s combination of Pioneer’s Digital Bass Control, efficient 200 watt class D amplifier, two 6-1/2 inch dual voice coil (DVC) subwoofer drivers, and a remarkable back-loaded horn enclosure design.

The TS-WX70DA’s back-loaded horn enclosure produces a more uniform and higher SPL output when compared to traditional acoustic suspension (sealed) and/or bass reflex (ported) designs. A back-loaded horn is a dimensionally increasing acoustic wave guide designed to reduce physical air resistance and decrease the potential for peaky acoustic output caused by unwanted standing wave resonances.

Although complicated to engineer and construct, a properly designed back-loaded horn enclosure results in maximized acoustic efficiency and wide frequency response.

The thin and flat enclosure offers installation flexibility; designed to easily drop into the hatch or trunk area of most popular vehicles, the TS-WX70DA measures 33-1/2 inches wide x 12-3/4 inches deep x 3-3/4 inches high. The rugged construction and durable vinyl covering protects the unit from damage and allows even heavy items such as luggage to be placed directly on the unit.

The TS-WX70DA also includes a wired remote for direct control of audio adjustments and settings for the powered subwoofer. Volume, bass mode, gain control, frequency response, and phase can easily be adjusted with just the press of a finger.

Vehicle interiors are complicated physical spaces with a number of variables that can affect the frequency response of a car audio speaker or subwoofer. Soft materials such as carpet and cloth absorb sound waves, while hard materials like glass, plastic and leather reflect them.

The proprietary Digital Bass Control technology allows Pioneer’s engineers to optimize each component of the TS-WX70DA as a system in order to achieve maximum performance for the automotive environment. Two selectable listening modes, Deep and Dynamic, provide further system optimization, specially tuning the output to complement various musical styles.

Deep bass mode is tuned for jazz and classical genres, emphasizing the deep frequencies of the lowest octaves and providing a more responsive and impactful sound. Dynamic mode reinforces the upper sub bass frequencies to produce an immersive and powerful sound characteristic, perfect for modern popular music such as EDM and hip-hop.

“For most consumers, the most significant car audio upgrade starts with more bass because environmental interference such as wind and tire noises mask low frequencies. Adding a subwoofer to an existing system can instantly improve the in-car listening experience,” said Ted Cardenas, vice president of Pioneer Electronics. “The TS-WX70DA is a great option because it incorporates unique engineering solutions to generate the same powerful bass and impressive sound as a traditional active subwoofer, while minimizing its physical size and therefore maximizing the vehicle’s storage space.”

The Pioneer TS-WX70DA subwoofer will be available this month with a suggested price of US$500.


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