Canon caters to growing demand for IoT support with 200mm wafer option for I-Line, KrF semiconductor lithography equipment

Canon U.S.A., announced recently that its parent company, Canon Inc., has begun sales of a 200 millimeter (mm) option for the company’s FPA-5550iZ2 i-line1 and the FPA-6300ES6a KrF2 semiconductor lithography equipment, released in December 2016 and April 2012 respectively. These two systems are renowned for their capability to mass-produce logic, memory and image sensor devices suited for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and automotive technologies.

For the production of semiconductor devices, such as memory and microprocessors, manufacturing generally utilizes 300 mm diameter wafers and the latest miniaturization technology.

Featuring high productivity and overlay accuracy, Canon’s FPA-5550iZ2 and FPA-6300ES6a semiconductor lithography equipment are now capable of meeting the demands of an even wider range of applications with the new 200 mm option, compared to support for only 300 mm wafers previously. When equipped with the 200 mm option, these systems deliver among the industry’s highest throughput among same class lithography equipment.  

Offering up to 230 wafers per hour productivity for the FPA-5550iZ2 and up to 255 wafers per hour for the FPA-6300ES6a, both systems can contribute to cost savings for owners.

Both the FPA-5550iZ2 and FPA-6300ES6a allow for easy, continuous option and field upgrades which can provide process flexibility, increase productivity and improve overlay accuracy.  By developing and offering a wide variety of semiconductor lithography equipment solutions and upgrade options, Canon continues to demonstrate its support of increasing user needs.

The rapid expansion of the IoT and automotive devices has led to an increased demand for small-lot production using a variety of existing processes to meet a growing need among device makers for equipment capable of processing 200 mm wafers.

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