Broadband Forum releases USP 1.1, Wi-Fi specifications to build up interoperable connected home and Wi-Fi management

Broadband Forum released Wednesday latest version of its Connected Home standard User Services Platform (USP) alongside new Wi-Fi data models as part of TR-181, accelerating operators’ journeys to standardized and interoperable connected home and Wi-Fi management.

USP 1.1 further builds on USP by allowing new deployments to implement quickly into existing infrastructure via support of MQTT, a commonly used protocol in many different aspects of the Connected Home. This provides a clear and simple migration path for operators. The update also provides northbound REST APIs, which define a standard way of communicating with USP controllers to manage USP agents and connected devices integrated with USP. 

The first version of the Compliance Test Plan is also given in USP 1.1, paving the way for more interoperable solutions in the future by ensuring quality USP implementations.

At the same time, Broadband Forum has published the TR-181 2.13 device data models which defines data models for all types of TR-069 and USP-enabled devices, including end-user devices, Wi-Fi access points, residential gateways, and other network infrastructure devices. This standard incorporates the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Data Elements specification to provide standards-compliant means to periodically retrieve data from USP devices via USP controllers and provide support for real-time control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a standardized model of controls and sensors.

The TR-181 data models also provide support for home networks with Multi-AP deployments and the latest Wi-Fi standards, 802.11ax and WPA3. This avoids the need for proprietary data models to be developed by different vendors, unifying Wi-Fi management for all types of deployments.

These functionalities, along with USP v1.1, will be demonstrated for the first time at Broadband Forum’s Interop Pavilion at Broadband World Forum 2019. The demonstration – hosted by Vodafone in collaboration with its partners and vendors – will showcase the potential of USP in the Home Gateway area, exploiting the new data collection and transport capabilities of the platform. The USP Agent and controller will be provided by Axiros and the Agent will initiate a Domos QED module, sending the results to the controller, utilizing a KAONMEDIA CPE device.

“The number of connected smart home devices is expected to overtake smartphones by 2021 and this represents a lucrative opportunity for operators,” said Geoff Burke, chief marketing officer at Broadband Forum. “For this opportunity to be realized, standards, which were incredibly important in the mass deployment of broadband networks, are vital for creating a stable ecosystem for Connected Home implementations at scale. These latest updates aim to bring exactly that, positioning USP as the standardized, open, and interoperable platform for smart home and Wi-Fi management.”

In addition, Broadband Forum will be hosting a BASe Connected Home workshop at Broadband World Forum from 9.00 to 13.00 on Tuesday, October 15, open to all event attendees. The segment dedicated to the participants in these Connected Home demonstrations, speakers from a variety of global service providers and technology leaders, including Vodafone, BT, and a host of Connected Home ecosystem innovators, will be sharing their views on the promise of USP and Wi-Fi management.

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