Beautyrest launches standalone sleep tracking device compatible with Android, iOS devices

The Beautyrest brand recently launched Sleeptracker by Beautyrest, a bedding standalone sleep tracking device compatible with each of its mattresses and foundations.

Coming close to the heels of introduction of the SmartMotion Base, the device is comprised of a processor and two sensors that slip between the mattress and foundation to track sleep like the SmartMotion Base. Sleeptracker by Beautyrest uses the Sleeptracker smartphone app to monitor elements of motion, heart rate and breathing rate to assess sleep patterns for up to two sleepers – including REM sleep. The Sleeptracker app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

“Sleeptracker is the most advanced cloud-based Internet of Things data science platform for sleep, and we are delighted to partner with Beautyrest for continued success in the market,” said Arthur Kinsolving, chief technology officer at Fullpower, the company behind Sleeptracker technology.

Sleeptracker by Beautyrest will be available in the fourth quarter of this year and packaged as a standalone product to be sold at mattress and furniture retailers, as well as anywhere “Smart Home” consumer electronics are sold.

“We’re excited to be the first bedding manufacturer to offer a standalone sleep technology that creates an opportunity for a step-up across any sale – any of our mattresses or foundations or independent of a mattress purchase altogether,” said DeFranks. “We see this as a great value-add for our valued industry retail partners and beyond.”

Sleeptracker by Beautyrest is the latest offering in products from Beautyrest designed to help consumers sleep better and smarter. In January, Beautyrest introduced the SmartMotion Base powered by Sleeptracker, which monitors real-time vitals and sleep patterns to generate custom tips to help optimize sleep, which customers can also track through the Sleeptracker app.

With a SmartMotion base, users get access to the lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed, apart from the added functionality of Sleeptracker technology. This highly accurate multistage sleep monitoring system captures precise readings of awake time, light, deep and REM sleep throughout the night, uncovering the full depth of sleep patterns and ways to improve them.

SmartMotion Bases are designed to improve on overall sleep quality. It starts with adjusting the bed profile to the most comfortable position for reading, watching television, or even sleeping.  Biosensors monitor heart rate, breathing and motion—all in real time. The app can track two sleepers independently, so as to deliver data and feedback specific to a single user.

As the app gets accustomed to the user’s sleep habits, the Sleeptracker coach delivers personalized tips designed to improve sleep quality. Based on pre-selected earliest and latest wake times, the alarm system detects when the user is in light phase of sleep, and wakes him up.

Advanced sleep analysis provides daily, weekly and monthly stats—so that the user can recognize long-term trends and make positive changes to improve the quality of sleep.

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