AT&T and Arrow Electronics enter into IoT collaboration to bolster connectivity

Global technology-solutions provider Arrow Electronics announced a technology collaboration with the AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) Foundry located in Plano, Texas.

Established to help companies innovate with connected IoT solutions, the AT&T IoT Foundry serves as a collaborative workspace and incubation facility. As part of the Foundry experience, Arrow will leverage its full suite of “sensor-to-sunset” technology solutions, including on-site engineering and production resources, to help customers get their products to market quickly.

“The AT&T IoT Foundry is a world-class facility designed to help companies bridge the technology gap and simplify the process of bringing connected products to market. Arrow’s capabilities, ranging from engineering to manufacturing and product deployment, are an ideal complement to AT&T’s work at the IoT Foundry,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of IoT global solutions at Arrow. “Arrow is proud to be part of the AT&T IoT Foundry program.”

“At the AT&T IoT Foundry, we help refine companies’ concepts for connected solutions, then convert them into tangible products and services through rapid prototyping,” said Igal Elbaz, senior vice president of Wireless Network Architecture and Design at AT&T. “Working with Arrow will enable us to bring together some of the best people in the industry to innovate quickly and turn these ideas into economical, market-ready solutions. We welcome Arrow to the Foundry and are excited to create new products with our mutual customers.”

In 2013, AT&T opened the AT&T Foundry for IoT innovation in Plano, Texas to foster collaboration between developers and tech companies. Since then, developers have brought new concepts to life –smart trash cans, connected shipping pallets, intelligent lampposts and more.

The company also launched programs with systems integrators and device manufacturers to provide their expertise to further help developer communities.

AT&T doubled the number of connected devices from 13 million to more than 26 million in the last 4 years. It continues to develop IoT technology for vehicles, supply chain, drones, equipment, machinery and smart cities. The solutions include connected cars, heavy equipment, asset management, smart meters and fleets, as well as smart city applications.

Earlier this month, Arrow Electronics announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire design and managed services company eInfochips, which provides companies at every phase of technology deployment, including developing custom hardware and software and new IoT-based business models.

eInfochips will expand Arrow’s IoT “sensor-to-sunset” platform by adding engineering, solution architecture, embedded software development, security, mobile device connectivity, app development, cloud configuration and management, and managed services including big-data analytics.

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