Atos and Siemens expand alliance with new investment until 2020

Atos and Siemens decided Thursday to further their alliance by increasing the funding of their joint innovation investment program by an additional €80 million to a total of €230 million. Formed in 2011, the Atos-Siemens partnership forms one of the largest relationships between an engineering company and a global IT provider. Currently this successful collaboration covers key topics of the Siemens Digitalization strategy.

On the fifth anniversary of the Siemens-Atos Alliance last month, the Alliance Board expressed their satisfaction about the performance of the business collaboration, which continues over-achieving the expectations by far. Since 2011 Siemens and Atos have achieved a joint order intake of more than €1.7 billion.

Leveraging on the increased funding the two companies have the ambition to further accelerate their joint business until 2020.

The new funding will be focused to explore further opportunities for joint collaborations in the fields of industrial security, industrial data analytics, machine intelligence, service enhancing technologies, and web of systems.

Siemens said last year that the two companies have developed a variety of joint software solutions for manufacturing, utilities, traffic management and data centers. Atos and Siemens introduced a pre-configured analytics platform to accelerate their digitalization transformation, especially in the field of smart data and digital services. This platform has been recognized by industry analysts as exceeding market standards and providing a unique competitive advantage to the companies’ customers.

The Atos-Siemens alliance has by far over delivered on the original expectations for joint business. The alliance generated wins through early engagement and collaboration, complementary offerings and joint investments to create unique solutions.

Atos and Siemens offered in 2015 joint services to 130 major customers through 25 collaboration areas covering various domains, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and utilities, infrastructures.

“The strategic alliance between Atos and Siemens that we decided to create five years ago is unprecedented. In those five years, we have built a unique partnership, a joint vision and extensive business and technology collaboration that are benefiting both customers of our two groups,” said said Thierry Breton, chairman and CEO of Atos SE. “Through our joint investment fund, we have enhanced our R&D programs in areas such as business analytics, cyber security, Internet of Things and digitalization services worldwide. We are now entering the next level of our digital cooperation, and I am convinced that our customers will even more benefit from our strategic alliance in the years to come.”

“We are very happy with the development of the Alliance over the past five years,” said Roland Busch, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and member of the Board of Atos SE. “The Alliance has driven additional joint order intake for both companies, it has sparked many new innovations and it has contributed to improved shareholder returns. I am also pleased that Atos is a key ecosystem partner for our MindSphere industrial cloud platform,” said Busch.

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