Zingbox joins with Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium to offer comprehensive medical device security

Zingbox announced on Wednesday a partnership with the non-profit Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS). Working together, the two organizations will advance best practices for the acquisition and sharing of cyber risk data for medical devices. The partnership will deliver in real time key information to enable optimally configured and secured devices for patient safety and privacy.

The combination of Zingbox’s real-time analysis of medical device security, manufacturer device specifications, and standards-based risk assessment data will advance the overall security and safety of connected medical devices. In addition, integrating real-world device usage and behavior analytics will augment the existing MDISS cyber risk database with detailed inner workings of the device and network along with cybersecurity events.

Zingbox will incorporate MDISS risk content, including Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2) information based on access control protocols developed by MDISS with input from leading manufacturers and health systems, into the Zingbox IoT Guardian solution.

Zingbox is the foundational member of the MDISS healthcare cyber safety and data services program, demonstrating its commitment to working closely across the medical device and care delivery ecosystem to tackle the industry’s cybersecurity challenges.

Founded in 2010, MDISS is a non-profit public/private partnership dedicated to advancing patient safety and public health and the first to focus exclusively on medical device cybersecurity. MDISS develops and delivers practical technology, operations and policy solutions for member organizations, including hospitals, health delivery organizations, doctors, epidemiologists, clinical engineers, medical device manufacturers, academics, regulators, embedded security experts, and cybersecurity researchers.

The Zingbox-MDISS partnership will foster cross-industry collaboration through sharing of high- quality and timely cyber risk data to secure patients and communities. In addition, it will further extend the utility of the Zingbox solution to healthcare providers and device vendors to improve device security and ensure uninterrupted quality care.

“Ultimately,” explained Xu Zou, CEO of Zingbox, “the MDISS and Zingbox partnership will provide comprehensive and actionable device context for healthcare providers, enabling them to better assess the threats and vulnerabilities of their connected medical devices while improving overall security for the medical device industry.”

Zou continued, “We believe medical device security cannot be fully addressed by any single stakeholder but rather through collaboration and partnership across providers, device manufacturers, and technology vendors. This is why Zingbox has taken a leadership position to be the first to partner with MDISS to marry the device-level cybersecurity vulnerabilities and specifications with real-time device risk and threat analytics for the betterment of the entire healthcare industry.”

“We are excited to partner with Zingbox, the first to market with a dedicated medical device cybersecurity solution. Our partnership will involve close collaboration with our community of practice to advance data and informatics best practices to support medical device network operations and cyber incident detection and response and deliver important insights to advance medical device innovation,” said Dr. Dale Nordenberg, MDISS Executive Director. “We share a sense of urgency to advance transparency of medical device cybersecurity specifications. Importantly, we are working with stakeholders to define and deliver the appropriate access controls for these data.”


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