ZeroStack Cloud Platform eliminates hassle of IT operations of private clouds

ZeroStack has announced general availability of its zero touch private cloud ZeroStack Cloud Platform to provide a software-driven private cloud that offers the ease-of-use of a public cloud coupled with complete control and security.

This new cloud model is delivered through hyper-converged ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks that integrates compute, clustered storage, software-defined networking and management software running as part of a highly resilient control plane. This on-premises infrastructure is consumed and managed by the ZeroStack Cloud Portal, which provides analytics-based insights and optimizations for application deployment.

The ZeroStack Cloud Portal handles management and operations with complete health monitoring and predictive analytics to prevent problems before they occur.  By enabling curated updates through automated patching and upgrades, the end-user receives ideal service experience with minimal effort required of the administrator.

In addition, the built-in App Store contains application and image templates to simplify and speed deployment. It is completely API-driven for integration with enterprise components such as AD/LDAP, and CMDBs.

Currently available, the ZeroStack Cloud Platform enables anyone to build a private cloud in less than 30 minutes — until now, it has taken a team of highly skilled experts weeks or even months to build a private cloudA distributed, self-healing architecture managed by intelligent software that eliminates the need for IT administrator involvement to maintain a resilient environment.

The platform also comes with the ability to launch applications with a single click through the integrated catalog of templates in the built-in app store; new analytics that simplifies troubleshooting and takes the guesswork out of capacity planning, while lowering overall total cost of ownership (TCO) versus both public and private cloud alternatives.

The ZeroStack Cloud Building Block provides a symmetric self-healing, scale-out architecture that is hosted on-site to provide full control of data. Designed to simplify the deployment of an application-aware infrastructure, it connects through OpenStack APIs to seamlessly integrate into any environment.

“Enterprises have long been frustrated with the challenges of building and operating private clouds,” Ajay Gulati, co-founder and CEO of ZeroStack. “The complexity inherent in existing solutions delays time-to-value, while introducing high costs for deployment and maintenance. Our modern and automated approach takes users from bare metal to running applications in the cloud in literally minutes, while eliminating the day-to-day headaches for IT administrators. This is an industry game-changer.”

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