Zen Ecosystems debuts suite of services for grid integration and grid-tied intelligent demand management

Zen Ecosystems launched Thursday new suite of grid integration services for energy distributors and commercial customers. The new service includes their patented software application called Zen LOOP, which delivers intelligent demand management of distributed energy resources (DERs). 

Zen LOOP can intelligently respond to electric utility pricing signals, demand response programs, and many other energy or weather-related inputs to reduce energy use and peak demand charges, at a single location, or across a portfolio of buildings, driving significant energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and even create new recurring revenue streams.

Zen Ecosystems provides intelligent energy management solutions for businesses and consumers. Zen HQ is an energy management system designed for the unique needs of businesses and utilities to provide insights and control over multi-site commercial energy usage, while delivering the fastest payback in the market. 

The Zen Thermostat is a beautiful, simple connected device for home and business that also enables multi-system operators to enhance the customer experience. 

Commercial buildings consumed 18 percent of all energy in the United States in 2018. However, approximately less than 7 percent of buildings smaller than 10,000 square feet, which represent three-fourths of the commercial building stock, use energy management control systems to monitor and manage energy use to contain those costs. 

The customizable Zen Ecosystems energy platform will address this market gap by serving retail energy providers, municipalities, multi-dwelling units and other customers interested in portfolio-level grouping, control, visibility and reporting of distributed energy assets. 

The energy platform will help these customers avoid expensive demand charges, use demand response to monetize DERs, and leverage demand management to lower energy bills and avoid high time-of-use pricing costs.

“As clean energy sources are increasingly integrated into our energy systems, energy distributors and commercial customers need more sophisticated energy management tools to effectively participate in time-of-use pricing, demand response and other programs that can deliver monetary benefits while lowering emissions,” said Zen Ecosystems CEO James McPhail. “Through our Internet of Things technology, we are uniting key stakeholders across the energy supply chain to usher in energy efficiency and to offer control of devices at scale.”

Zen LOOP was developed using data and insights from 3,000 commercial locations of the energy management product, Zen HQ, and helps commercial customers optimize energy use by tracking and controlling lighting, HVAC units and other hardware, while also aggregating data from external sources such as weather patterns and energy costs. 

Retail energy providers that sell clean energy subscriptions to electric utility ratepayers can also use these expanded Zen Ecosystems services to compare customers’ energy demands with predicted usage and to deliver energy efficiency tools when needed.

Existing Zen HQ customers can add on the new software onto their platforms, with a wide range of customization options. The platform can connect to Zen Ecosystems’ installed base of more than 150,000 smart devices or be paired with other devices and services.

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