Zen Ecosystems and Samsung embody latest Zen Air product with SmartThings for split air conditioner control and energy savings

Zen Ecosystems launched Wednesday its new product to remotely control and schedule split air conditioners — Zen Air. Samsung has integrated the new Zen Air product into its SmartThings device portfolio. Zen Air’s intelligent features are designed to make air conditioners more energy efficient with less hassle. 

In Australia, running an air conditioner one degree warmer than normal can cut cooling costs by about 10 percent. Meanwhile, 24 percent of Australians report having their air conditioning running when they are out. These energy-use reduction opportunities not only support individual lifestyles but also target an area of improvement with large-scale implications. Global energy demand from air conditioners is expected to triple by 2050.

Zen Ecosystems provides intelligent energy management solutions for businesses and consumers. Zen HQ is an energy management system designed for the unique needs of businesses and utilities to provide insights and control over multisite commercial energy usage while delivering the fastest payback in the market. 

The Zen Thermostat is a simple connected device for home and business that also enables multi system operators to enhance the customer experience. 

SmartThings can turn a home into a smart home, making it simple to connect and control devices from anywhere. As a consumer IoT technology, SmartThings’ open platform brings together devices, developers, and services to offer one of the largest ecosystems of integrated devices, connecting over 10 million products in over 1 million homes for limitless possibilities. 

Founded in 2012, SmartThings is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Designed for split air conditioning systems and part of Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem of products, Zen Air turns a compatible smartphone into an air conditioner remote control with additional capabilities. 

Users can program intelligent energy efficiency commands and tailor it to their individual lifestyles, including setting heating and cooling schedules, precooling rooms before times of predicted heat and turning air conditioners on and off from anywhere with internet access.

“Samsung is committed to working with our partners to integrate a wide range of connected products and services that can deliver tangible benefits to the everyday lives of our customers,” said Eric Chou, Director of Product and Services, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Integrating SmartThings with Zen Ecosystem products builds on our ongoing program to evolve and enhance the connected experiences that we offer in Australia.”

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