WISeKey Semiconductors secure element for Sigfox-enabled connected devices certified by Sigfox

WISeKey International announced that its Secure Element for Sigfox-enabled connected devices has been certified by Sigfox. With this solution, and according to Sigfox recommendations, WISeKey brings the security of the information exchange on the network to the highest level. 

Built as a specific toolbox on one of WISeKey’s certified microprocessor chips, the VaultIC184 fits in seamlessly in the Sigfox specified security protocol, while protecting all sensitive data and calculations a tamper resistant hardware, thus keeping hackers at bay.

The Sigfox specified Application Programming Interface of VaultIC184 ensures that the chip can be implemented in ready-made Sigfox Modules as well as original designs. Provisioning the secret network related keys and data is done in WISeKey’s secure production site, eliminating the needs for device manufacturers to implement specific procedures or audits of their production facilities.

“As the security of connected devices is the DNA of our business, WISekey has been closely partnering with Sigfox to fine-tune the specifications of the security protocol and the secure element, increasing the level of authentication, integrity and confidentiality of the data coming from devices when they are transported through the Sigfox global network,” said Bernard Vian, general manager of WISeKey. “Therefore, we are proud to announce that Sigfox certified our VaultIC184 as being a Secure Element that fits perfectly within the security requirements of the Sigfox data transmission protocol.”

“Some applications simply do not tolerate inaccurate or falsified data; we can think of alarm systems, usage data for building automation systems, or even tracking devices for vehicles or parcels. With our technology we protect devices from exposing their sensitive data when physically attacked,” added Bernard Vian.

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