Volkswagen chooses Sierra Wireless for connected vehicles with 4G LTE embedded modules

Sierra Wireless, a vendor of integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced Thursday that Volkswagen has selected Sierra Wireless AirPrime AR Series modules and the Legato platform for its next generation of connected cars.

Sierra Wireless’ integrated 4G technology will reach the market beginning in 2018 in several Volkswagen models worldwide.

Volkswagen will utilize Sierra Wireless technology to expand into additional value-added connected services and telematics. These services are enabled through the Legato platform, which provides an application framework and development environment that allows third-party applications to be built and hosted directly on the wireless module.

Sierra Wireless Automotive systems present a challenging environment for wireless technologies, requiring solutions that can withstand extreme temperatures, thermal shocks, constant vibration and humidity over many years.

More than a cellular modem, the AR Series provides a secure device-to-cloud architecture, enabling automotive OEMs and Tier-1’s to build a Linux-based telematics control unit using a single module. Sierra Wireless AR Series modules are available for a variety of cellular network technologies and frequency band combinations, using the same footprint and software for simplicity and cost efficiency.

Sierra Wireless automotive solutions will deliver high-speed cellular connectivity for the Volkswagen Car-Net platform, which provides a variety of in-vehicle internet-based services, including remote vehicle access, roadside assistance, diagnostics and maintenance, and the ability to set speed and boundary alerts.

Owners can use their applications over the integrated 4G-LTE connection provided by the Sierra Wireless AirPrime module.

With the expansion of high-speed cellular networks, OEMs can bring more sophisticated software and services to the vehicle. From geo-fencing applications that tie digital services to real-time locations, to in-car infotainment systems, to predictive analytics and safety services, new innovations are driving the automotive industry to embrace the power of the Internet of Things.

Automotive OEMs can capitalize on the IoT to increase brand loyalty through deeper insights and closer relationships with customers; continually refine and improve their vehicles, and build better cars in the future; gain a competitive edge by safely extending the compelling Internet services that customers use in other areas of their lives to the hours they spend on the road; and deliver new high-value services such as stolen vehicle tracking, emergency assistance, remote entry, usage-based insurance (UBI) and many others.

“Volkswagen is a leader in delivering connectivity in their cars, and the Car-Net platform is a prime example of the value that a well-designed connectivity solution can deliver to drivers and their passengers,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions, Sierra Wireless. “Volkswagen drives us to continuously innovate, and we’re pleased to extend our collaboration to their next-generation connected cars.”

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