Virtium doubles capacities of 2.5-inch embedded SSDs in growing industrial IoT segment

Virtium, a vendor of solid-state drive (SSD) and memory solutions for embedded systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced Tuesday that it has doubled the top capacity of two of its 2.5-inch SATA SSDs: StorFly CE (MLC) to 2TB and StorFly XE (iMLC) to 1TB.

Combining increased capacities, selection of flash types, and unmatched security durability, the StorFly line provides OEMs and system designers with the broadest array of industrial-embedded storage options on the market.

StorFly 2.5-inch SSD includes CE Class (MLC) now 2TB capacity; XE Class (Virtium’s iMLC technology) now 1TB capacity; integrated AES-256 encryption engine with self-encrypting capabilities and secure erase support specifically built for the industrial/embedded market; industrial-temperature SSDs (-40C to 85C) capable of operating in extreme operating conditions; vtGuard Power Fail Protection, and is accessible by Virtium’s new vtView SSD Software.

The Industrial IIoT market demands storage with durability and tolerance to high temperatures, as well as strong security and data integrity – all requirements that StorFly SSDs address.

As with other industrial-embedded systems, IIoT storage requires capacities optimized for designs – typically much lower than those for the consumer and enterprise markets – to ensure power, space and cost efficiencies. Still, with capacity now taking on greater importance in IIoT, this new generation of StorFly drives enable Virtium to continue meeting the expanding market needs.

“IIoT storage is in the center of our radar, as IIoT-system makers understand that such applications need to store terabytes of data quickly and securely – sometimes in harsh, remote environments,” said Scott Phillips, vice president of marketing at Virtium. “Our new high-capacity StorFly 2.5’’ SSDs are ideally suited for video capture and surveillance in such environments, as well as in countless other industrial applications requiring greater data storage.

“These higher capacities complement StorFly drives’ other features that make them ideal as embedded SSDs for extreme conditions: proven durability, robust SSD utility software support, the availability of powerful data encryption, and the longest product life for storage. We will continue this capacity expansion across the other form factors we offer.”

Buoying the promise of IIoT storage is that analysts project the overall IoT market to grow by leaps and bounds. IDC estimates that it will be a $1.3 trillion market by 2020, with $500 billion of that for IIoT alone.

Virtium announced in December that it has doubled the top-end capacity of its very-low-profile (VLP) RDIMM and Mini-RDIMM DDR4 memory modules. Featuring the PC4-2400 interface and small form factor, Virtium’s VLP RDIMM and Mini-RDIMM memory modules now feature capacities up to an industry-high 64GB, ushering in a new generation of more-powerful embedded systems with broader memory options.

Additionally, Virtium announced it has increased capacity on its DDR4 SODIMM modules to 32GB, also an industry-high. The new Virtium high-capacity modules deliver the highest performance PC4-2400 solutions, longest product availability, and lower cost of ownership over time. Additionally, like all Virtium DDR products, the new high-capacity RDIMM and Mini-RDIMM solutions provide significant power savings, along with bandwidth twice that of DDR3.

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