VIMOC Technologies debuts neuBox IoT device based on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 for AI, sensory data analytics

VIMOC Technologies (VIMOC), vendor of smart infrastructure solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, announced Tuesday general availability of the neuBox OEM solution, an IoT edge computing device with an integrated embedded platform for artificial intelligence (AI), enabling the transformation of sensory data into business and operational intelligence through the fast, scalable and global deployment of IoT applications and cloud services.

VIMOC has adopted the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 to deliver advanced AI capabilities and process visual sensory data at unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy.

The Jetson TX1 is an embedded AI computing platform that delivers enhanced performance and energy-efficiency. This makes it an ideal solution for VIMOC’s customers seeking to gather and process real-world data and convert it to meaningful intelligence that can be used to monetize their IoT enabled business models.

The neuBox and associated software will be distributed by Arrow Electronics.

By deploying a fleet of neuBox edge devices in an intelligent network, customers can create a cognitive computing layer distributed geographically, providing access to live data for advanced, real-time analytics.

The neuBox enabled Rosella software stack includes a modular wireless connectivity design such as supporting standards such as BLE, Zigbee, Lora, 3G/LTE and WiFi to manage any type of machine, including industrial equipment, infrastructure, building automation systems, laboratory and medical equipment, automation systems and construction equipment.

neuBox devices can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely through Rosella cloud device management services.

The neuBox edge device meets requirements for reliable low-latency response processing data at the edge for high-traffic volume and selective transmission through distributed computing.

The neuBox is available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build into their solutions or for building and factory automation customers as a turnkey IoT solution. The neuBox supports enabling applications with a deep learning framework through next-generation SDKs built around data annotation and neural network training services.

For infrastructure operators, the neuBox is the vehicle enabling deep learning technology to address many pressing problems including energy consumption, asset management, traffic congestion, and more. For example, campuses like the University of Santa Clara are already using neuBox gateways to enable two IoT applications for pedestrian crosswalk safety and parking garage occupancy, the city of Palo Alto implemented a safe route to school program using 45 pedestrian/bicycle counting stations, and parking garages in Redwood City are using the neuBox to enable a parking way finding solution with high resolution LED signage.

The Internet of Things is transforming organizations across all industries worldwide to enhance productivity and drive cost savings. However, connecting many “things” can be complex, expensive and time consuming. Existing platforms aren’t optimized to handle streaming sensor data with spatial and time-series attributes, and real-time imaging data. Existing IoT solutions are unable to provide the scale and performance that allow this type of data to be analyzed in real-time for immediate action.

“We designed the neuBox device to strengthen the IoT infrastructure by off-loading the processing to the edge before passing it to the cloud,” said Tarik Hammadou, CEO of VIMOC Technologies. “Our partnership with NVIDIA and the integration of the Jetson platform within our full stack, Rosella™ software enables us to deliver the next-generation of AI-driven gateways that promises to revolutionize IoT and automation.”

“As more AI moves from the cloud to the edge, Jetson is the best platform to turn complex data into powerful insights. Our work with VIMOC ensures more cities and their infrastructure are intelligent and secure,” said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at NVIDIA.

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