VillageMD bolsters primary healthcare with launch of DocOS; anticipates patient needs while extending care beyond examination

VillageMD, provider of primary care, launched on Wednesday DocOS, its purpose-built digital healthcare system, that allows clinicians and patients to engage in patient care free from artificial physical or technical barriers. With this ambient technology, physicians have access to critical patient information and insights that allows them to practice medicine optimally, without changing their existing EHR.

VillageMD’s DocOS breaks down information silos with patent-pending technology to extract over 3,700 clinical and financial data elements from dozens of EHR’s and practice management systems, over 70 payer claims systems, and 100’s of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and socio-economic data sources across the care continuum.

This data is aggregated and analyzed in real-time, where proprietary algorithms perform tasks such as predicting missing diagnoses, analyzing patient schedules for enhanced engagement opportunities, surfacing outstanding care gaps for clinicians and caregivers to resolve, and reacting real-time to acute patient illnesses.

The VillageMD solution provides the tools, technology, operations, and staffing support needed for physicians to drive the highest quality clinical results across a population. VillageMD works with physician groups, independent practice associations, and health systems to improve quality, deliver a first-rate patient experience, and lower costs in the communities they serve.

DocOS is an ecosystem of data, algorithms, and software. It has been built leveraging the best of secure cloud services, well supported open source frameworks, and partnerships with Silicon Valley-backed technology companies. This approach has allowed for the rapid development of advanced data pipelines that connect systems to transmit data in all formats, including API’s, HL7, EDI, and custom formats.

A sophisticated yet lightweight data normalization capability then allows users and applications to create data schemas based on need, as opposed to pre-defining it within the data store. This, along with an API-led design philosophy, allows for fast, secure connectivity within this operating system that’s highly relevant to the clinical, analytical, or workflow need.

“The shift to a value-centered health system requires that physicians proactively manage conditions by anticipating what patients are going to need, early enough so that we can make impactful interventions. Our operating system is the conduit to help make this happen,” said Clive Fields, M.D., co-founder and chief medical officer, VillageMD, and president of Village Family Practice, a large, multi-site clinic based in Houston. “This system allows us to extend the doctor-patient relationship beyond the exam room and into everyday life to promote faster, more convenient pre-emptive care. This is a game changer.”

“Our operating system was designed ground-up, with clinicians participating throughout the process,” said Mike Roberts, chief technology officer, VillageMD. “As we observed clinical operations and collaborated with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other parts of the clinical team, it became clear that not only providing better, comprehensive patient insight was an imperative, but that doing so while the new technology remained as invisible as possible was a must.”

“Technology has enabled so many aspects of our life, yet as a healthcare ecosystem, we have failed primary care doctors in giving them the tools that help them deliver the best care possible to their patients,” said Tim Barry, chief executive officer, VillageMD. “DocOS has been years in the making and is the start of solving so many problems associated with care delivery. DocOS will cut down on physician time hunting and pecking in an EHR, and begin to eliminate many unnecessary administrative tasks that doctors do every day. The potential is limitless.”


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