Veritas NetBackup integrates with Pure Storage Data Hub architecture to deliver data protection for AI clusters, big data and IoT

Veritas Technologies, vendor of enterprise data protection solutions, collaborated with Pure Storage on Tuesday to release a new global effort that helps joint customers modernize data protection and maximize the value of their data for competitive advantage. The collaboration will enable organizations to consolidate modern workloads onto Pure Storage’s data hub architecture, powered by Pure Storage FlashBlade. With the integration of NetBackup, Veritas’ technology, enterprise data can be shared, protected and unlocked for unprecedented value.

This announcement builds on a relationship between Veritas and Pure Storage that includes joint adoption of one another’s technology, product enhancements, sales and support. Veritas and Pure Storage provide mutual customers with a simple and cost-effective approach that address customer challenges around data management.

Built on FlashBlade, Pure Storage’s data hub centralizes data repositories to combine streaming analytics, backup, data lakes and artificial intelligence (AI) clusters to drive enhanced levels of insight. Veritas NetBackup can protect an entire data hub architecture running on FlashBlade, and can also leverage FlashBlade as a backup target, resulting in rapid restores when necessary.

In addition, Veritas NetBackup, in conjunction with Veritas CloudPoint, has been integrated with Pure Storage FlashArray, enabling integrated snapshot management via the NetBackup console. The consolidation of the technologies between the two companies enables AI and machine learning to be performed on larger, more diverse data sets—yielding greater business intelligence that can lead to faster innovation.

With the rapid growth and fragmentation of data, enterprises of all sizes struggle to manage, protect and gain insight from data. Modern intelligence requires technology that not only stores data but can pull insights from data that are so rich, they are actually predictive in nature. Veritas and Pure Storage currently deliver data protection and fast recovery for modern workloads while powering data analytics and advancing machine learning.

Veritas and Pure Storage also help multi-cloud enterprises gain agility and speed with integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in flash arrays. With Veritas NetBackup and CloudPoint integration, organizations can achieve more aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and realize high-performance data protection for their data in flash arrays. This allows customers to meet stringent RTO and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) mandates in financial, health care, and other verticals where data recovery and resilience are required.

The alliance also delivers increased agility and speed with integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in flash arrays with the integration of Veritas NetBackup and Veritas CloudPoint; optimized RPO and RTO for even the most critical and highly transactional applications from Pure Storage parallel architecture; improved data recovery with consistent, more reliable point-in-time copies with Veritas NetBackup and Veritas CloudPoint integration with Pure Storage with faster backup at peak performance with Veritas NetBackup and Veritas CloudPoint integration without lengthy snapshot windows and application time-outs.

“Today’s massive data growth fuels enterprise risk as data stores become siloed, increasing the attack surface for malicious actors to exploit. In addition, data silos add complexity and cost to protecting and extracting real insights from enterprises’ most valuable digital currency—their data,” said Jyothi Swaroop, vice president, Global Solutions and Strategy, Veritas. “The combination of NetBackup and Pure Storage provides critical data protection, but with ultra-fast backup to allow businesses to stay a step ahead of customer expectations and needs, versus merely reacting to them.”

“Modern enterprises need to derive value from all data, regardless of where it’s stored. A data hub architecture unifies data siloes, which makes it easier to extract value from the massive data sets that drive AI, big data and IoT,” said Katie Colbert, vice president, Alliances, Pure Storage. “By partnering with Veritas, Pure Storage customers will enjoy the benefits of NetBackup to protect their valuable data and manage their entire infrastructure through a single unified solution.”


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