VeriSilicon releases FD-SOI design IP platform on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX for edge AI and IoT applications

VeriSilicon announced its comprehensive FD-SOI Design IP platform with more than 30 IPs based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) 22FDX platform. The IP platform includes low-power, low-leakage and high-density memory compiler IPs and various key mixed signal IPs. This allows VeriSilicon to provide a one-stop silicon design service to customers designing for AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) applications on GF’s 22FDX with mature IPs to shorten custom design cycles and reduce their R&D costs.

FD-SOI Body-Bias technology allows user to adjust device threshold even after silicon manufactured, it can enable dynamic tuning between high-performance and low-power, enhancing design flexibility without extra cost.

VeriSilicon provides customers with platform-based, custom silicon services and semiconductor IP licensing services leveraging its in-house semiconductor IP. Under the unique “Silicon Platform as a Service” (SiPaaS) business model, depending on the comprehensive IP portfolio, VeriSilicon can create silicon products from definition to test and package in a short period of time, and provides high performance and cost-efficient semiconductor alternative products for IDM, fabless, system vendors (OEM/ODM) and large Internet companies, etc. 

VeriSilicon’s business covers consumer electronics, automotive electronics, computer and peripheral, industry, data processing, Internet of Things and other applications. VeriSilicon presents a variety of customized silicon solutions, including high-definition video, high-definition audio and voice, In-Vehicle Infotainment, video surveillance, IoT connectivity, data center, etc. 

In addition, VeriSilicon has five types of in-house processor IPs, namely GPU IP, NPU IP, VPU, DSP IP and ISP IP, and more than 1,400 analog and mixed signal IPs and RF IPs. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, VeriSilicon has five design and R&D centers in China and the United States, as well as 10 sales and customer service offices worldwide. VeriSilicon currently has more than 800 employees.

VeriSilicon Design IPs on GF’s 22FDX deliver significant improvements in power, area, and cost compared to current offerings. VeriSilicon has long history on memory compiler IP and mixed signal IP development starting from 180nm process node. The company’s technique in IP development and mass production on multiple processes makes VeriSilicon Design IPs more robust and competitive.

“Comprehensive and competitive design IP solutions are critical to integrated circuit (IC) design companies, especially the companies targeting fast growing AIoT applications which require cost effective, ultra-low power as well as fast time to market. Through the good collaboration with GF, VeriSilicon’s 22nm FD-SOI Design IP Platform will enable customers to design differentiated and competitive ICs by leveraging GF’s advanced 22FDX technology, and better address the requirements of AIoT applications,” said Tony Qian, Vice President, GM of Design IP Division of VeriSilicon.

“VeriSilicon silicon proven FD-SOI IPs on GF’s 22FDX platform is well positioned to support the explosive growth of low-power IoT and connected devices,” said Mark Ireland, vice president of Ecosystem Partnerships at GF. “Together, we broaden our IP and services to enable our mutual clients to create single chip cost- and power-optimized solutions.”

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