V2COM boosts next-gen IoT products using open source embedded Java from Azul Systems

Azul Systems (Azul) recently announced that V2COM, provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and smart systems, will be leveraging Azul’s Zulu Embedded open source Java platform for their next-generation connected devices. V2COM’s new products will take advantage of the proven performance, reliability, flexibility and cost savings made available by Azul’s Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK.

Zulu Embedded is a certified, customizable and fully open source Java Virtual Machine for embedded devices. Zulu Embedded binaries are based on source code from the OpenJDK project and are designed to allow companies to leverage the latest advances in Java SE (Stan- dard Edition) for embedded use cases.

With extended support for multiple Java versions (e.g. 6, 7 and 8), Zulu Embedded is ideal for devices that require regular Java updates (e.g. bug fixes and security patches), including older or end-of-life versions of Java (e.g. Java 6). Zulu Embedded can be customized to meet the specific needs of your embedded device, including operating system, CPU architecture (x86, ARM, PPC), bitness (32 or 64-bit), Java patch level (6u45), and disk and memory sizes (Compact pro les).

Each Zulu Embedded binary carries additional intellectual property (IP) protection granted by passing the TCKs as defined by the Java Specification Participation Agreement and provides extensive IP rights to compatible and specification compliant implementations.

Every Zulu Embedded binary is verified to be open source and licensed under GPLv2 with Classpath Exception. Through the use of proprietary tools, Azul scans more than 7 million lines of OpenJDK sources (including dynamically generated files) to verify that Classpath Exception (CPE) tags are in all appropriate source les and that all accessible Java APIs have corresponding CPE tags.

License verification ensures that a customer’s Java code is never contaminated by GPL or other licenses that could require the customer to open source their code or purchase additional licenses.

Azul provides Zulu Embedded customers with continuous access to the latest Java CPUs (Critical Patch Updates) for all supported Zulu versions (e.g. Zulu Embedded Java 6, 7 and 8). These CPUs contain both Java SE bug fixes as well as security patches. Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, as defined by NIST Common Vulnerability Scoring System version 3 (CVSS v3), Azul offers different customer support packages, including Platinum Support, which can provide Zulu Embedded updates on the same day that CPUs are made available to the OpenJDK project.

“We are always seeking better technical and economical solutions, particularly as the IoT market continues its rapid evolution,” said Guilherme Spina, CEO of V2COM. “Zulu Embedded is a great choice because of the reductions in cost, increases in performance and the freedom of open source that it delivers, improving the ROI of our projects. There are going to be exciting enhancements to our solutions because of Azul and Zulu Embedded.”

“Intelligent connected devices are redefining and transforming industries, customer relationships, and the overall device competitive landscape like never before,” said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. “V2COM has been at the helm of this revolution and we’re very pleased they have selected Zulu Embedded to help fuel the next generation of innovative products and solutions in the IoT and industrial embedded markets.”

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