Utimaco and LG Electronics extend alliance to deliver Authentication of Things (AoT)

Utimaco announced Monday its cooperation with the LG Electronics San Jose Lab focusing on the implementation of LG’s Authentication of Things (AoT) project. As the number of connected IoT devices increases, the need for stronger authentication and access control mechanisms becomes greater than ever.

As a solution to this, LG’s AoT suite of protocols incorporate authentication and access control during the entire IoT device lifespan. The AoT prototype created by LG covers the entire life-cycle of a smart device – from pre-deployment to retirement.

The approach demonstrates the functionalities in the architecture executing operations on multiple devices and transferring information using different communication technologies. In the AoT implementation phase, LG is working with Utimaco, the German Hardware Security Module manufacturer, to secure private key generators (PKGs). As one of the leaders in the paradigm of hardware-based cryptographic security, Utimaco will be providing HSMs as the Root of Trust in the AoT for the AWS environment.

The flexibility and ease of use of Utimaco’s fully-fledged Software Development Kit (SDK) – the professional development environment for all Utimaco HSMs – are important, especially because LG uses advanced crypto schemes that are not available off the shelf in General Purpose HSMs.

The selected cloud product, CryptoServer Cloud, offers the same functionality as on-premise Utimaco HSMs and, thus, allows for an easy migration of host and HSM code to the cloud.

For possible future applications, the Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud features low-latency connections from all major cloud service providers and supports multi-cloud deployments. It also includes an attractive Service Level Agreement with support directly from the HSM provider.


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