u-blox debuts automotive grade qualified positioning and connectivity modules

u‑blox expanded its product offering with automotive qualified product variants added to their range of positioning and cellular wireless connectivity modules. The additions comprise the NEO‑M8Q‑01A and NEO‑M8L‑01A, and respectively the SARA‑G350‑02A and LISA‑U201‑03A. Manufactured according to the ISO/TS 16949 automotive supply chain quality management standard, the modules are thoroughly tested with an extended qualification process aimed at achieving the lowest level of failure rates.

Leveraging the early production experience of tens of millions of professional grade modules, u‑blox automotive grade modules consistently reach excellent quality levels. With long product life cycle characteristics, u‑blox manufacturing management includes industry recognized processes such as automotive PCN, PPAP, and 8D failure reporting.

Samples will be available next month, with full production set to commence in September 2016.

The NEO‑M8Q‑01A and the NEO‑M8L‑01A positioning modules provide concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. The NEO‑M8L‑01A is ideal to offer complete dead reckoning positioning coverage even in areas of weak signal such as in tunnels or multi‑story car parks or those experiencing poor signal quality such as caused by multi‑path reflections.

This module is qualified to operate in the -40 to +85 degrees temperature range and the NEO‑M8Q‑01 GNSS module is the first GNSS module able to operate across the extended automotive temperature range from -40 to + 105 degrees celsius.

The SARA‑G350‑02A is a quad‑band GSM/GPRS data and voice connectivity module that is certified for provisioning global connectivity. The LISA‑U201‑03A also provides global connectivity with 5 HSPA bands, with data rates up to 7.2 Mbps. Both these modules accommodate the automotive operating temperature range of – 40 to + 85 degrees Celsius, have a compact footprint and consume very little power.

The SARA-G3 series of GSM/GPRS modules feature extremely low power consumption and a miniature LGA form factor. SARA-G3 modules are interchangeable, and have been designed with the diverse needs of M2M customers in mind.

Different functionalities and feature sets are available to meet different customer and application requirements. SARA-G340/G350 are full-feature GSM/GPRS modules with a comprehensive feature set, including an extensive set of internet protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP and SMTP. They have fully integrated access to u-blox GNSS positioning chips and modules, along with embedded A-GNSS (AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline) functionality.

SARA-G350 is the quad-band version for global connectivity and SARA-G340 (900/1800 MHz) is the dual-band version for cost optimized use in Europe and Asia. Their feature set enables customers to develop a range of M2M devices with minimum software development on the host processor.

With these product additions, u‑blox is able to supply a range of automotive grade connectivity and positioning modules for use in navigation systems, telematics, e‑Call, road tolling, and ADAS applications. The recently announced V2X and Wi‑Fi modules THEO, EMMY, and ELLA complete this portfolio.

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