Tyler Technologies releases Socrata connected government cloud to optimize internal data sharing and reuse for clients

Tyler Technologies Inc. launched on Thursday, with general availability, its Socrata Connected Government Cloud, an approach to internal data sharing that empowers government workers to access a single-source of trusted data and securely share analysis, visualizations and performance measurements across multiple departments and programs, in order to inform decision-making and improve program outcomes with actionable insights. Socrata was recently acquired by Tyler Technologies.

Designed to put data at the heart of every government program, the Socrata Connected Government Cloud solution helps move government organizations into a secure, cloud-based, self-service environment that breaks down data silos, promotes collaboration and reuse of data, and gives the government employee a modern toolset to transform data into information and insights they can use to improve financial, operational and strategic outcomes.

In this environment, the flow and quality of open data is greatly enhanced as it becomes a natural byproduct of internal data sharing rather than a standalone program.

The Socrata Connected Government Cloud solution brings five essential functions together for optimal data use by governments. It connects data silos into a single access point for authoritative and up-to-date data; provides secure, auditable self-service access to that trusted data for authorized employees; makes data useful and actionable by transforming it into information that employees can use to manage their programs, including connecting program performance to outcomes, sharing operational insights with colleagues, and enabling more intelligent resource allocation; facilitates open data as a byproduct by sharing aspects of this internal information with external constituents; and enables

infinite reuse of data to drive down costs and complexity for IT leaders with a data-as-a-service platform that allows for data reuse to power integrations, open analytics, and app development without ever replicating that data

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) served as a design partner alongside the Socrata team, offering input during the development phase and throughout the pilot program. Deputy Director Shane Marshall credits the Socrata Connected Government Cloud solution with transforming how the department tracks, measures and funds work on its strategic initiatives.

“When we moved our 300-page annual report to the legislature from a stack of paper to a live, interactive, accurate, near real-time source of truth on our performance, we developed a different relationship with legislators. Their questions and our answers are now much more specific and accurate,” says Marshall.

An additional benefit of sharing data across programs within UDOT, says Marshall, is that staffers’ work is showcased and celebrated. “When great results sit on a desktop computer in a PDF, fewer people get to say, ‘Great job on that.’ Now employees are motivated to share their achievements with a wider audience.”

Tyler expects four groups of government employees to benefit most from greater data access, insight, and collaboration capabilities: government executives, program managers, analysts, and any knowledge worker in an agency. Following the pilot program with UDOT and early adoption by Hawaii Department of Transportation (HiDOT), the State of Pennsylvania, and the City of Henderson, Nevada, the Socrata Connected Government Cloud solution is now available to all federal, state, and local government agencies, including Tyler’s broad base of current clients.

“This is a fundamental transformation of how knowledge work gets done in government. Our ten years of open data leadership, working with the most innovative and forward-thinking government innovators around the world, helped us understand what’s at stake for our customers in turning siloed data into a productive asset,” said Kevin Merritt, founder of Socrata and now president of Tyler’s newly formed Data & Insights Division. “We worked in lockstep with our clients on every aspect of it, from balancing self-service discovery with data governance, to the visualization experience to API design. The entire data-as-a-service platform and product suite was built from the ground up around the needs of the modern government worker.”

“The Socrata Connected Government Cloud is the fundamental building block and enabler of our Connected Communities vision,” said Jeff Green, Tyler’s chief technology officer. “The data-as-a-service platform allows us to streamline the internal flow of data and insights across systems, departments and even jurisdictions in a secure and contextually-relevant way for our users and their constituents. That is a very exciting development for Tyler’s 15,000 clients.”


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