Trilliant and MultiTech deliver transformative offering for industrial Internet of Things and smart cities

Trilliant Networks announced Tuesday that they have partnered with MultiTech, provider of Industrial Internet of Things solutions, to deliver easy to deploy, end-to-end solutions optimized to drive business outcomes in the IIoT, smart energy and smart city markets. 

This partnership brings systems and sector expertise of Trilliant and industrial communications hardware of MultiTech to enable aggregation of data from any sensor, actuator or smart device. The result is an IIoT gateway, bringing centralized data management across all cloud-based platforms for global IIoT, smart energy, and smart city applications. 

The alliance also provides superior operational performance, enhanced sustainability, resource management, and overall improvement in the quality of life for citizens.

“Understanding the unique business needs of our customers and finding ways to deliver have contributed to Trilliant’s long-term success,” said Andy White CEO and chairman of the board for Trilliant. “This collaboration with MultiTech will dramatically simplify IIoT deployment and put the power of actionable data into our customers’ hands.” 

White goes on to say that customers will enjoy a sensor-agnostic, private communications platform with a centralized data management solution that provides visibility and actionable intelligence to enable superior operational performance, enhanced sustainability, resource management and overall improvement in the quality of life for citizens. 

“We share Trilliant’s commitment to enabling utilities and cities to adopt and deploy smart solutions to improve operations, save costs and more fully engage their customers and citizens,” says MultiTech CEO, Stefan Lindvall. “MultiTech’s portfolio opens the door to a host of new use cases for smart utilities and smart cities.”

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