TomTom introduces free mobile maps SDKs to developers

TomTom announced on Wednesday that it will offer free maps and traffic tiles on its Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) in both Android and iOS. Given the financial risks associated with building one’s own company, this free offering in TomTom’s Mobile SDK is a game changer for developers looking to build the next innovative app.

As more businesses adopt mobile to increase sales, maps that show office locations to customers have become a standard feature in all industries. With global coverage, the free maps tiles from TomTom mean that start-up businesses all over the world can present a professional first impression to interested customers and investors.

TomTom Maps APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) also play a key role in other hot areas for entrepreneurship like IoT (Internet of Things) where traffic data is needed to enable self-driving cars and smart city planning. User check-ins for social media sites and targeted customer outreach for marketing firms also represent some of the many other innovative ways these APIs are being utilised today.

In line with its goal to support innovation, TomTom Maps APIs do not require a credit card or contract to get started. TomTom Maps APIs are also free of advertising, putting the developer’s own rising brand in the spotlight.

“Every day, more exciting opportunities in areas like mobility and ridesharing emerge, in which digital maps play a crucial role,” said Anders Truelsen, Managing Director, TomTom Enterprise. “Given TomTom’s history in guiding people to where they need to go, it is only fitting for us to offer free Mobile Maps SDKs to help guide developers on the road to success.”

In a separate development, STMicroelectronics and TomTom announced a package of development tools in the STM32 Open Development Environment that connect directly to TomTom Maps APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for location, tracking, and mapping data services, speeding product development and reducing time-to-market and development costs for developers.

This development package consists of an STM32 Discovery host board for 2G/3G cellular-to-cloud connectivity, a GNSS expansion board based on ST’s industry-proven Teseo satellite navigation technology, and a software Function Pack that connects Internet-of-Things (IoT) node via a cellular network to a range of TomTom Maps APIs. With this hardware and software package and a TomTom developer account, developers can quickly add location-based services to their IoT and Smart City applications.

Among these services are the translation of GPS coordinates into a street address inside a map (Reverse Geocoding), retrieval of nearby point of interests, and the production of accurate navigation directions.


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