The Industrial Internet Consortium releases test drives to help companies with digital transformation

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced on Monday three new Test Drives available as part of its Accelerator Program designed to help companies advance their digital transformation strategies. Test Drives are the results of IIC Testbeds and proofs of concept that are available for technology end users to employ and adopt in their own environments. The three new Test Drives available for projects are Connected Worker Safety, Intelligent Video, and IoT Sensor Implementation.

The Connected Worker Safety Test Drive focuses on improving worker safety and optimizing site operations using smart wearables and data analytics. This test drive was previously deployed at an active construction site. Some of the use cases addressed by this test drive are fall detection and alerting, worker time and motion studies, hazardous vehicle ranging and alerting, and geofencing.

The Intelligent Video Test Drive focuses on capturing and processing images for content analysis in a secure, open architecture for cross industry use cases including quality assurance, situational monitoring, behavioral analysis and compliance verification. This test drive has previously been deployed in marine waterway management.  

Some of the use cases addressed by this test drive are quality assurance, security surveillance, health and safety of factory workers, customer sentiment analysis and patient condition monitoring.

The IoT Sensor Implementation Test Drive focuses on an end-to-end solution to start IoT in the production line without compromising security. This test drive uses industry standard methods and tools to drive sensor data to a time series database, while continuously monitoring the devices for security threats.  Some of the use cases addressed by this test drive are predictive maintenance, failure alerting and early warning system and monitoring for worker safety.

The IIC Accelerator Program encompasses several initiatives for end users of IoT technology who want to discuss challenges with their peers, get advice from IIC experts, or seek guidance to solve complex technical problems.  

With the Accelerator Program, the IIC enables technology end users to achieve tangible results by assisting from ideation to implementation: with problem definition, technology adoption, offering a neutral platform for innovation and delivering pilots. Vendors and systems integrators have a new avenue to develop, test and offer solutions to technology end users across industries, fostering a vibrant end-to-end solution development ecosystem.

In addition to Test Drives, the Accelerator Program includes IoT Challenges such as public contests aimed at solving real problems and advancing the validation of industrial internet applications and solutions; and testbeds or experimentation platforms for conducting rigorous, transparent and replicable testing of new concepts, new business models and emerging technologies.

“Test Drives are a natural extension of our popular Testbed program.  Successful IIoT projects require collaboration by multiple vendors and for five years we’ve offered an open, neutral sandbox for industry, academia and government entities to collaborate and innovate,” said IIC vice president for industry programs Howard Kradjel. “Test Drives leverage the collaborative platform and partnering among members to encourage technology adoption, offering companies pilots based on proven solutions that could be applied in their own environments.” 

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