Telstra and Cisco Team up for IoT

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra has partnered with Cisco to provide advanced connectivity management for IoT services for enterprises.

The company currently serves thousands of clients including Australia’s major financial institutions, retailers, and government. Through Cisco’s SaaS solution, the IoT Control Centre, Telstra is able to offer greater visibility and flexibility for firms to transform IoT data into effective decision-making tools–and manage their businesses better and smarter.

The IoT SaaS platform currently serves the Australian automotive industry. The IoT Control Centre is being used by over 30,000 enterprises supporting 185 million connected devices. The partnership with Telstra will enable Cisco will explore 5G use cases, including private 5G, as the platform supports both 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) networks. 

5G will enable Australian businesses to have better business outcomes through their IoT devices. With more use cases being developed for both 5G and IoT, integrating them across industries will be essential in ensuring they can deliver the best results.

IoT driving better business outcomes

Mark Chapman, Group Owner of Industry Solutions and IoT of Telstra, states that the company now serves over four million IoT devices connected, making them the biggest IoT network in Australia. 

“Working with Cisco, our management platform helps customers automate and manage large-scale IoT deployments easily and cost-effectively. This means customers can be faster to market, lower costs, increase reliability, and take actions through the platform’s insights,” Chapman said.

The current landscape

Australian businesses are rapidly seeing the potential of higher technological use–and with it comes the adoption of IoT in their business processes. 

More Australian firms in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, mining, and agriculture are utilizing IoT in their day-to-day operations. These five industries collectively represent 25% of Australia’s GDP. PwC predicts that IoT can achieve potential annual benefits of AUD 194 to AUD308 billion over a period of 8 to 18 years.

As more Australian businesses continue to utilize IoT, we can expect to see a better-connected corporate landscape, more innovative approaches to business processes, and a wider customer base. Developing platforms like the IoT Control Centre empowers companies to embrace digitalization and move towards a more connected future.

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