Tealium Predict delivers built-in machine learning technology for customer data platform; enables better prediction of consumer actions

Tealium, vendor of real-time customer data orchestration, launched this week Tealium Predict, built-in machine learning technology for Tealium AudienceStream, its Customer Data Platform (CDP). Coupled with Tealium AudienceStream, Tealium Predict activates machine learning insights across the entire tech stack through the creation of more intelligent audiences.

With Tealium Predict, organisations can automatically draw conclusions about what customers are likely to do in the future and design tailored programs that directly address their needs. Key functionalities include score individual customers with predictive potential, leverage machine learning intelligence across all touchpoints and technologies, and saving time on any machine learning project involving user data.

Tealium Predict’s models score visitors with the likelihood to return or complete any behavior. Organisations can then leverage these scores to generate audiences for further proactive action, like re-engagement campaigns. Organisations can activate predictive insights in any of Tealium’s over 1,200 integrations.

With Tealium AudiencesStream, data collection and data activation are natively integrated with machine learning intelligence, greatly reducing the common challenges of data preparation and activation in machine learning initiatives.

Tealium Predict’s models score visitors with the likelihood to return or the likelihood to complete any behavior, and can pick any tracked behavior and timeframe for the prediction. These scores can then be used to generate audiences for further proactive action (for example re-engagement campaigns) or for suppression from campaigns to optimize performance.

Tealium Predict supports any organisation, regardless of machine learning prowess. For organisations new to machine learning and looking to get started with it, Tealium Predict will allow them to create a model, deploy it, and immediately activate the value of it in Tealium AudienceStream without writing a single line of code. 

For organisations with existing machine learning projects, Tealium Predict allows them to inject the value of the existing machine learning models into their marketing and analytics stack — creating a virtuous cycle of data flow and improvement.

“Organisations spend a vast amount of their time wrangling data and figuring out how to deploy and activate insights,” said Mike Anderson, Founder and CTO of Tealium. “With our continued focus on data orchestration, we’re in the perfect position to offer a machine learning product integrated right into our CDP solution. We can deliver machine learning data into a customer’s entire downstream tech stack, whether any of those stack tools have machine learning capabilities or not.”

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