Teal Communications introduces global eSIM and IoT connectivity platform

Teal Communications launched its globally programmable eSIM and IoT connectivity platform. The launch brings the most reliable and secure connectivity solution to market with over 2,000 cellular network choices and encrypted end-to-end communication. 

The platform leverages a patent-pending network design and global telecommunications marketplace, as well as a proprietary customer Bill and Support System (BSS).

Teal’s solution utilizes a multi-network approach for highly secure, scalable, and cost-effective connections globally. The platform is built to enable global IoT device deployments, whereby customers can instantly connect a wide-ranging fleet of devices in 196 countries, including all four carriers in the United States. 

Teal’s eSIM is suited for all compatible IoT devices, including scooters, bikes, drones, autonomous vehicles, sensors, meters, asset trackers, healthcare devices, tablets, point-of-sale devices, and wearables.

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Teal was founded by Robert Hamblet and Michael Johnston. The company closed a Seed I investment from StagedotO Ventures in June 2018. 

“We’re excited about the opportunity to connect a vastly expanding universe of IoT devices. We believe Teal’s product solves a unique pain-point experienced by many IoT companies. Not only does our eSIM connectivity platform increase access to affordable connectivity globally, but it also adds several layers of security and redundancy that were formerly missing from other solutions,” said Robert Hamblet, CEO and President of Teal Communications.

Teal’s eSIM card and global connectivity platform is now widely available for purchase.

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