SyncDog integrates its SentinelSecure workspace with Snow Software’s enterprise mobility management offering

SyncDog announced this week a technology agreement with Snow Software, based in Stockholm, Sweden and a vendor of Software Asset Management (SAM) software. As part of their global solution portfolio, Snow Device Manager, now equipped with SentinelSecure, to boost its position as EMM provider capable of handling the complete lifecycle of mobile devices.

Snow has been working with SyncDog to identify the market opportunity to integrate Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software functionality into EMM to enhance control and protection of enterprise data on mobile devices.

Snow Device Manager delivers a full Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, comprised of device management functionality alongside content management and application management functions. By adding the uniquely flexible offering of a containerized workspace, Snow Software now boasts a full suite of mobility solutions, matching individual user requirements with flexible technology solutions within one platform.

Add to the mix other Snow capabilities that includes best-in-class SAM-functionality capable of managing mobile applications and hardware, and Snow becomes the obvious choice for organizations that are concerned about mobility from a usage, security and compliance point of view.

Additionally, moving forward, Snow and SyncDog will continue to identify additional opportunities for further integration of other products within their respective portfolios which address an evolving market for managing and securing mobile infrastructures.

The SentinelSecure containerized workspace provides a secure data platform that encrypts and transports data between the enterprise and secure, “sandboxed” applications running on employees’ mobile devices. The workspace protects client enterprise networks by securing data both at rest in transit using FIPS 140-2 validation and AES 256-bit encryption.

The SyncDog SentinelSecure mobile containerized workspace was built in response to market demand for an affordable offering with military-grade security and fast-deployment capability. SentinelSecure operates with the security and functionality to maintain workplace productivity across mobile applications, communications tools and file management tools on the outer fringes of enterprise networks where mobile security is needed most.

SyncDog provides multiple purchasing scenarios for SentinelSecure and the container can be procured as stand-alone product or integrated component of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system from any of SyncDog’s solution on partners.

“Snow has become a global player in EMM with its Snow Device Manager Solution,” said Jonas Gyllensvaan, SyncDog president and CEO. “We are excited that Snow has chosen to work with SyncDog to bring DLP to mobile and provide their enterprise customers with a higher level of protection for their data and IP.”

“SentinelSecure provides an ultra-secure infrastructure for applications and enterprise data on the mobile device,” said Alan Giles, Snow’s manager of Mobility Business Unit. “Integrating SentinelSecure with Snow Device Manager has helped build out a more complete solution for our EMM customers. PIM, file management and custom application data can all be centrally managed and secured by these two platforms now working tightly together.”


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