Synapse Wireless launches third generation of its embedded application SNAP Things Platform

Synapse Wireless, an Internet of Things (IoT) company specializing in providing software, hardware, and networking solutions to connect, develop, deploy, and manage the “Things” in IoT, announced the launch of the third generation of their SNAP Things Platform.

SNAP is an embedded application platform for the Things in IoT and has been deployed in thousands of real-world applications that deliver business value every day. SNAP has emerged as the go-to ‘sense-and-respond network’ for industrial environments by providing true edge computing uniting end-point devices with the cloud.

The feature-rich enhancements behind the SNAP Things Platform include a series of new software services available on SNAP-enabled Gateways that address common requirements of IoT solutions. Prior to SNAP 3, developers had to write their own infrastructure code in addition to the application code.

SNAP 3’s Thing Services provides robust building blocks to shorten time to market, reduce the complexity of software programs, and eliminates the need to create the fundamental framework from the ground up. SNAP 3’s Thing Services includes node management, network health, and automated data collection from remote SNAP devices.

In addition, developers have access to the new SNAPtoolbelt, which is a command line interface extension to SNAP’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing the ability to access the topology of the network, upgrade over-the-air applications and firmware residing on nodes, and call event-driven remote procedure call functions on the nodes themselves. Developers and product managers have ready access to SNAP 3’s Developer Microsite, which provides documentation, APIs, sample code, and guides to extend the SNAP OS and integrate it with other platforms.

The SNAP Thing Services and SNAPtoolbelt are available on the Synapse IoT gateways, as well as through licensing on custom third party devices. The SNAP Things Platform is Cloud agnostic and works seamlessly with Cloud-based IoT Platform providers such as ThingWorx, Exosite and Amazon Web Services.

“These are very exciting times as the 3rd wave of the Internet merges with the 4th Industrial Revolution,” said Johnny Thorington, Synapse’s Chief Technology Officer. “The top industrial use cases across hundreds of industries require custom intelligence at the edge enabling Intelligent Things to sense, analyze, respond and control. Making it easy for enterprise developers to connect, create, deploy and manage solutions to do these things has never been done before. We are excited to launch our SNAP 3 Things Platform to do just that – using our services-oriented and event-driven architecture to make it happen.”

“Synapse’s SNAP Things Platform provides customers with a well architected platform to develop and manage smart, connected Things – in one seamless integrated package,” said Andrew Timm, Chief Technology Officer, PTC. “Our collaboration on projects, such as the Amerex installation, proves how simple cohesive collaboration can be – without having to develop complex infrastructure. Applications can be up and running in hours – with real-time data available almost instantly.”

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