STMicroelectronics partners with ZTE to support LoRa technology and applications in China

STMicroelectronics and ZTE are working together with the China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA) to promote the LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) industry and applications in China, enabling the CLAA compatibility on STM32 microcontrollers.

The cooperative efforts use ZTE expertise and relationships to contribute CLAA technical specifications, testing certification tools, and the development and market of CLAA gateway International Working Group (IWG) and CLAA network server Mobility Server Platform (MSP).

At the same time, ST is working to enable compatibility of its STM32 microcontrollers (MCU) with the CLAA technical specification and to develop MCU products with the CLAA protocol stack. ST’s efforts encompass an analysis of the combination of the STM32 CLAA library and current ST-certified LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack into the Proprietary CLAA security protocol. The two parties aim to build a sharable carrier-level LPWAN IoT (Internet of Things) for China.

CLAA is a technology-focused group supported by the LoRa Alliance, and was initiated by ZTE, which has been an active participant and is using cooperation with other leaders to build and innovate in various fields of IoT. By the end of January 2016, more than 590 members have joined CLAA, and CLAA has built China LoRa applications “Technology Exchange Platform,” “Program Verification Platform,” “Market Cooperation Platform,” “Resource Docking Platform,” and “Innovation Incubator Platform.”

CLAA has now completed more than 100 alliance product certifications and released more than 80 application types. It has also enabled 30 CLAA IoT application demonstration bases, enriching the LPWAN application types. The CLAA specification is a ZTE-driven carrier-class multi-service sharable wide-area LoRa IoT specification that is open only to affiliates who sign NDA confidentiality agreements.

“The STM32 ecosystem has well pervaded China IoT and is already a powerful contributor to the development of IoT in Smart Cities, Homes, and Industry in China,” said Arnaud Bonnet, Department Head, Asia Regional Key Accounts, STMicroelectronics. “Coupling our uItra-low-power ARM-based STM32 series with low-power connectivity defined by CLAA and sponsored by ZTE will serve as a valuable building block for the further deployment of IoT applications and services.”

“A close cooperation between ZTE and ST can provide CLAA members with better and faster LoRa IoT research and development support, which will contribute to the rapid adoption of low-cost, low-power IoT and accelerate the arrival of digital economy and intelligent society,’ said Liu Jianye, ZTE Vice President.

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