Squadle debuts patented Zero-Touch handheld IoT devices for multi-unit restaurant operators

Squadle announced Tuesday its Zero-Touch temperature probe aimed at automating multi-unit restaurant operations using automated handheld measurement devices and algorithms. The product will soon be available through select hardware partners. The handheld technology joins other “Internet of Things” sensors in Squadle’s back-of-house automation platform.

Squadle’s Zero-Touch temperature probe enables food service workers to take food and equipment temperatures 83 percent faster than with a manual thermometer.  Workers save on average an hour a day while multi-unit owners receive peace of mind through up-to-the minute food safety compliance.

Squadle customers experience up to 10 percent higher per store profits by saving employees’ and managers’ time and reducing food spoilage. Squadle replaces paper logs, then automates robotic tasks

so employees spend more time where it counts —serving customers.

“The average fast food restaurant is run with expensive manual processes that are tracked on unreliable paper logs. Our operations platform replaces paper logs and automates manual processes,” said Le Zhang, founder and CEO, Squadle. “Squadle’s IoT platform is a flexible, scalable and reliable way to simplify our customers’ processes.”

“The IoT space is littered with thousands of automation products that are a pain to make sense of,” said Le. “Our platform provides an easy, curated, and extremely customizable method to implement automation without disrupting operations.”

Squadle started with an easy-to-use Checklists tablet that replaces paper logs. Squadle Checklists provides real-time accountability, boosts employee engagement, and replaces unreliable paper logs. Franchise owners and managers saw that task completion rose when tablet checklists replaced paper checklists. They also received real-time accountability, operations benchmarks and best practice metrics.

Building off of Checklists, Squadle launched its sensor platform and analytics which are revolutionizing multi-unit operations.

Squadle’s innovations with automated probes, checklists and actionable analytics are one part of Squadle’s ambitious product roadmap. Partners are integrating smart hardware, database, connectivity and analytics to make Squadle the go-to platform to automate multi-unit operations. The goal is to help operators deliver the product and service consistency that drives store revenue and profitability.

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