Splunk Industrial IoT Specialization Program turns IoT data into action; creates channel to industrial users and partners

Splunk Inc. announced Tuesday that customers and partners across industries are improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and achieving greater business efficiencies from Splunk’s enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Through the creation of the Industrial IoT specialization within the Splunk Partner+ Program, Splunk has attracted industrial domain channel partners to accelerate real-time contextual insights and solutions to these new buyers.

The Industrial IoT specialization enables partners with industrial data expertise to quickly develop Splunk-based solutions for industrial users, and it is the first vertical specialization within the Splunk Partner+ Program. Splunk and its partners are deeply engaged in helping their shared customers accelerate their digital transformation and manage their enterprise and industrial IoT solutions. 

Initial partners with industrial specialization include Computacenter AG & Co oHG, ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung, GrayMatter, Malisko Engineering, Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH, and Strategic Maintenance Solutions,, and have expertise working with shared customers to manage industrial processes, assets and data. As a result, these partners develop and deliver high-value Splunk-based services and solutions to customers.

Splunk’s enterprise IoT solutions combine the power of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, and the Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (IAI) premium app to provide a simple view of complex data, helping organizations across industries minimize downtime, shift operations from reactive to predictive and save money. 

Puget Sound Energy, a utility company in the Pacific Northwest, uses Splunk to analyze data from their industrial control systems and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) integrations in order to improve their operations with IoT data.

“Taking action on IoT data is critical for utilities organizations, which are constantly looking for new ways and technologies to improve the citizen and customer experience. Whether the goal is digitizing smart cities, transforming healthcare or securing critical infrastructure, leveraging data is an essential and strategic component of any modern utilities company,” said Chris Perez, Advisor and IT Facilities Infrastructure Engineer, Puget Sound Energy. “Puget Sound Energy is excited to work with Splunk to help us bridge the gap between OT and IT, enabling genuine collaboration between both teams. With Splunk’s data analytics platform, we can better deliver services and manage infrastructure, ultimately enabling us to deliver a seamless experience for our customers.”

Sapura Brazil, one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers, uses Splunk’s enterprise IoT solutions to analyze broad data from complex systems and drive business outcomes.

“The use of Splunk in our assets enabled the company to receive real-time information from remote sites to the company’s headquarters, allowing us to take immediate actions when required, with unprecedented celerity,” said Rogerio Salbego, CEO of Sapura Brazil. “As a result, Sapura is better prepared to fulfill the industry’s high standards and to achieve our targets, not only economically speaking, but especially with regards to quality, health, safety and environment.”

“The exponential growth of enterprise data is providing organizations with new tools and opportunities to gain greater enterprise-wide observability, transform business models and serve customers in innovative ways,” said Sendur Sellakumar, Chief Product Officer, Splunk. “With Splunk’s enterprise IoT solutions, these organizations can quickly identify and resolve issues, improve performance, and keep operations secure.”

“Operational data is complex and often gets stuck in organizational silos, so it’s exciting to see so many technological breakthroughs available to industrial customers that break down the silos, and provide a complete view of their data to make better business decisions,” said Jim Gillespie, CEO, GrayMatter. “By partnering with Splunk, we can offer data combination solutions to industrial organizations that provide a simple and secure way to combine data from sources previously hard to correlate, whether it is energy usage, customer sentiment, weather or cyber security for OT information.”

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