SpiceWorld 2018: Lantronix introduces ConsoleFlow Cloud Edition Software that provides VPN-free access to console managers and IT equipment

Lantronix Inc. announced Monday that the cloud edition of ConsoleFlow, a centralized IT infrastructure management and monitoring software optimized for out-of-band management. Traditional IT infrastructure management software solutions stop working when networks fail. Lantronix ConsoleFlow integrates seamlessly with Lantronix console management products to enable IT administrators and network engineers to remotely monitor and manage their IT equipment over broadband and cellular networks from anywhere, at anytime.

Based on the company’s MACH10 platform, ConsoleFlow is available as a cloud-based software-as-a-service, and as a virtual appliance for on-premise deployments.

Features and capabilities of ConsoleFlow include centralized directory of console managers and attached IT equipment with integrated instant search and browser-based terminal access that provides network administrators with quick visibility and access to all their IT equipment; VPN-free remote access over secured channels to console managers and IT equipment with an in-browser CL console, allowing firewall traversal; IP-SLA compatible network performance monitoring that allows IT personnel to identify network performance issues before they lead to an outage.

The software also includes REST APIs with role-based access control for integration with existing management applications and IT workflows; customizable rules for a variety of statistics and the ability to be proactively alerted via email, SMS and push notifications; native ConsoleFlow iOS and Android mobile applications for anywhere, anytime access to directory, search, status, and notifications; and comes with flexible deployment options with an on-premise virtual appliance or a Lantronix-hosted cloud-based SaaS offering.

“We’re excited to participate at this year’s SpiceWorld event to demonstrate the power of ConsoleFlow to the IT pro community,” said Shahram Mehraban, Lantronix vice president of marketing. “The threat of downtime keeps every IT manager up at night. With ConsoleFlow Cloud Edition, IT administrators and network engineers will now be able to have 24/7 VPN-free visibility into their entire network through Lantronix console and branch office managers.”

ConsoleFlow will be generally available by mid-November and interested customers can sign up for a 30-day free trial on the Lantronix website.


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