Sonata Software joins with Aeris to deliver next-gen IoT, mobile offerings for enterprises

Technology services and solutions vendor Sonata Software announced on Tuesday that it formed an alliance with Aeris, a provider in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, for next-generation IoT and mobile solutions for enterprises. The alliance brings together expertise in IoT platform and solutions from Aeris with the mobile platform and software development expertise of Sonata.

The result of Sonata and Aeris working together is an ideal alliance for enterprises seeking to execute next-generation mobility and IoT solutions by leveraging the combined domain experience and technology platforms of both companies.

Sonata’s mobility platform, Halosys, is a single unified enterprise mobile enablement platform that enables businesses to connect, build, secure, manage and deploy an enterprise-wide mobile applications portfolio. The platform seamlessly extends existing enterprise security, identity and business applications. This simplifies, accelerates and ensures a reliable way to execute mobility programs at scale, with an underlying architecture that adheres to emerging mobile and IoT standards and technology trends.

The Aeris IoT solutions platform is a comprehensive, patented and end-to-end enabler for enterprises to bring IoT solutions to market quickly, cost-efficiently with the highest security. The platform consists of AerPort connectivity management platform, AerCloud applications enablement platform, AerCore IoT network and AerVoyance IoT analytics platform.

“We are thrilled to have Aeris as an IoT alliance. The complementarity between Aeris and Sonata’s enterprise mobility platform solutions provides a great way for enterprises to expedite both B2B and B2C IoT connected mobile and web application and also provide solutions and services to their customers by leveraging Sonata’s global delivery and support capabilities,” said Avinash Harsh, Head of Enterprise Mobility Platform, Sonata.

“The alliance between Sonata and Aeris will bring simplicity to the enterprise as they make the journey into the complex IoT world,” said Mark Aylor, senior director of partner channel at Aeris. “Aeris’ comprehensive IoT Platform Solutions coupled with Sonata’s deep Information Technology and Software knowledge can provide enterprise organizations the resources and tools to deploy and scale their IoT solutions to the global marketplace.”

“The combination of Aeris and Sonata Software will help enterprises build profitable IoT and mobile applications,” said Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, president of Aeris India. “Hundreds of enterprises are already relying on Aeris every day to power their mission-critical deployments. We look forward to the opportunity to help many more enterprises through our strategic alliance with Sonata.”

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